October 21, 2010

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 Kesha- Ready for Halloweeen??

It seems like Kesha has got the Halloween Spirit!!For the Much Music Video Awards, the American singer wore a quite shocking ( well, not for her) black cowboy hat, with fathers on the side, black shirt, shorts, and black boots. Now, that may soung normal, but as long as you don't mention the ''thing'' in her hand and her ''luck-giving'' bracelets.... The look sort of goes from normal- weird... Anyway, she made her impression, she is remembered, and she likes it. All clear.


Fashion Designer Files

Moschino Fall/Winter 2010

 Black cowboy hat, dark shades, big gold hoop earrings, and a black strapless bustier dress with a voluptuous spill of ruffles for a skirt. When the first model walked onto the catwalk, you immediately knew wasn't interested in creating '' cheerful'' outfits for this season. Instead, elegance, dark style paraded on the stage while everybody was gazing. There were  long leather fringe, leopard spots, gold sequins, huge grommets leopard spots, and Elizabethan ruffs turned into miniskirts. As for the chapeaux and sunglasses, every model without exception wore them. Well, that's nice. 


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