October 12, 2010

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What Jeans Do You Wear??

 Too Long? Too Tight? Too saggy? Searching for jeans thaqt perfectly fits you has always been a stressful thing. 
 We all know how hard it is to find a perfect pair of denim jeans that were just made for your body shape. Out of 60,000 women who took a denim survey, results revealed that more 86% of women who went shopping for a pair of denim, has ended up not buying any. The other 14% were women who bought a pair and actually believe that those jeans were designed for their shape of body. Luckily, Levi's has solved this problem.
After studying the shapes of thousands of women through 3D body scans, Levi's has created Custom Fit for Women as a unique solution. The pioneering research identifies 3 body shapes: Slight Curve, Demi- curve and Bold- curve. Now women can be more relaxed when going out for shopping for a pair of denim!!


Slight- curve

WHAT SHAPE DOES IT SUIT? women with straight or boyish figures.

WHAT'S THE STYLE?  Slight curve defines the waist and enhances your curves. Slim-fitting through the thighs, it shapes your behind to the perfect curve. and is set to become the next Levi's Icon.

WILL IT WORK FOR ME? If jeans are usually too tight at the waist, which results in creating a muffin look, or if jeans are too big in the the thighs, well then choose a perfect fit and you are off to glam!

Demi Curve

WHAT SHAPE DOES IT SUIT? Frames most bodies, especially those with shorter proportions,

WHAT'S THE STYLE? Demi curve  flatters the waist and smooths your shape. This world-class fit is available in skinny, slim bootcut or straigt and is offered an array of finishes.

WILL IT WORK FOR ME? If jeans usually fit your waist but don't frame your figure correctly.

Bold  Curve

WHAT SHAPE DOES IT SUIT? Fuller figures and curvy types

WHAT'S THE STYLE? Bold curve really celebrates the feminine silhouette, hugging the waist without gaping or pulling.  It comes in straight, in skinny, and in slim bootcut styles and is available in the full range of finishes.

WILL IT WORK FOR ME? If jeans fit you around the botton but tend to gpe at the waist, or if you usually find the thigh is too tight.

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