October 17, 2010

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 Have you Chosen Your Warmers Yet??

Winter hats, gloves, scarves, leg warmers.... you got to admit, you're not going to wait with buying those must have items until you will get your first cold or flu this year because you haven't worn any of them, now, are you?? Yes, I know you don't want to wait. Here are some of the unique looks introduced by one of the most famous Fashion Designers. 

If you like to stay warm and look cute, try out furry hats, fluffy mittens and long cozy scarves- firstly introduced by Chanel fall/winter Collection 2010/11

If furry and cute-looking image is not your thing, maybe this years leather will make you happy. Either long or wrist-length gloves, the new Chloe Fall/Winter 2010 Collection has been focused on them. Also thin scarves and hats make a perfect elegant look.


 Celine Fall/Winter 2010

Elegance, class, feminism, beauty... - This all in one style is inspired by Celine's latest collection. When models entered the catwalk, all eyes gazed into them, with inspiration and fascination, of course. And what is not to like in this "less is more" look. This year, Celine has focused on very popular colours- beige, white and black. There were knee-length skirts, silky white or beige shirts, and big belts with almost every look. The models paraded in clear make up with a touch of red lipstick and natural eyeshadow colours.


 H&M Loves Winter!!

Well, it is true. H&M has fallen in love with Winter and the new collection can prove it. Such bright colours, so many enthusiasm and inspiration looks, you can almost fall in love, too!!

When I first walked into the store, I felt something. And no, it wasn't some horrible odor in the air. In fact, it was something better. I saw sales Assistant, hanging the new H&M collection on the freshly delivered hangers, all the sizes were hung and price-checked. There were new posters hung as well, in which models posed to them wearing the same knitwear as seen on the hangers. Everything was so bright, there were stripes and other designs. I felt like what a child feels when he sees a store full of toys. In fact, I wanted to try the new collection, buy and take them home. And so I did.....

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