October 23, 2010

 Leighton Meester's look

For the New York magazine party on the "V" Leighton came in two-tone dress with Marc Jacobs resort collection. This is the second celebrity, who recently reached the pastel dresses. Leighton dress does not admire so much as how the selection of additives. Even Marc Jacobs himself - a master of eclecticism - was not brave enough, and the lemon-pink dress sandals he chose the color. Extras Leighton, however, are in vivid, strong colors, and at first glance does not fit all. Intense yellow bag (also Jacobs) and Louboutin heels with yellow and red accents enliven the course creation i.. refresh widely prevailing principle of combining colors. Also pay attention to the original decoration on hand Repossi. Is this trend will soon mastered the streets?


 Anna Kendrick's so Cute!!

At the Canadian premiere of "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," Anna Kendrick appeared in a dress from the collection of Marc Jacobs Resort 2011.
The Ministry of Marc Jacobs collection, with the foundation created over two seasons, we find both the key autumn trends and forecasts for next year, which now will tell us, in which clothes to invest, so that for the year were in vogue.


 Fashion Designer Files

 Victoria Beckham announces New Spring/Summer Collection 2011

 Nothing much changed since her last collection. Victoria's style stays the same- classy, elegant and sexy. And we love it! Vicky is known for her high class feminism as well as her silky outfits that look just absolutely fantastic whatever the body size!!

For the spring summer season, Victoria's new collection is inspired by light dresses, suitable for any occasion. There were silky white knee length dresses (right), charming silky pocket skirts and circle sunglasses. Stylish, hip and most certainly gorgeous. A must have look!!

October 21, 2010

Latest Fashion News

 Kesha- Ready for Halloweeen??

It seems like Kesha has got the Halloween Spirit!!For the Much Music Video Awards, the American singer wore a quite shocking ( well, not for her) black cowboy hat, with fathers on the side, black shirt, shorts, and black boots. Now, that may soung normal, but as long as you don't mention the ''thing'' in her hand and her ''luck-giving'' bracelets.... The look sort of goes from normal- weird... Anyway, she made her impression, she is remembered, and she likes it. All clear.


Fashion Designer Files

Moschino Fall/Winter 2010

 Black cowboy hat, dark shades, big gold hoop earrings, and a black strapless bustier dress with a voluptuous spill of ruffles for a skirt. When the first model walked onto the catwalk, you immediately knew wasn't interested in creating '' cheerful'' outfits for this season. Instead, elegance, dark style paraded on the stage while everybody was gazing. There were  long leather fringe, leopard spots, gold sequins, huge grommets leopard spots, and Elizabethan ruffs turned into miniskirts. As for the chapeaux and sunglasses, every model without exception wore them. Well, that's nice. 


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October 17, 2010

Latest Fashion New

 Have you Chosen Your Warmers Yet??

Winter hats, gloves, scarves, leg warmers.... you got to admit, you're not going to wait with buying those must have items until you will get your first cold or flu this year because you haven't worn any of them, now, are you?? Yes, I know you don't want to wait. Here are some of the unique looks introduced by one of the most famous Fashion Designers. 

If you like to stay warm and look cute, try out furry hats, fluffy mittens and long cozy scarves- firstly introduced by Chanel fall/winter Collection 2010/11

If furry and cute-looking image is not your thing, maybe this years leather will make you happy. Either long or wrist-length gloves, the new Chloe Fall/Winter 2010 Collection has been focused on them. Also thin scarves and hats make a perfect elegant look.


 Celine Fall/Winter 2010

Elegance, class, feminism, beauty... - This all in one style is inspired by Celine's latest collection. When models entered the catwalk, all eyes gazed into them, with inspiration and fascination, of course. And what is not to like in this "less is more" look. This year, Celine has focused on very popular colours- beige, white and black. There were knee-length skirts, silky white or beige shirts, and big belts with almost every look. The models paraded in clear make up with a touch of red lipstick and natural eyeshadow colours.


 H&M Loves Winter!!

Well, it is true. H&M has fallen in love with Winter and the new collection can prove it. Such bright colours, so many enthusiasm and inspiration looks, you can almost fall in love, too!!

When I first walked into the store, I felt something. And no, it wasn't some horrible odor in the air. In fact, it was something better. I saw sales Assistant, hanging the new H&M collection on the freshly delivered hangers, all the sizes were hung and price-checked. There were new posters hung as well, in which models posed to them wearing the same knitwear as seen on the hangers. Everything was so bright, there were stripes and other designs. I felt like what a child feels when he sees a store full of toys. In fact, I wanted to try the new collection, buy and take them home. And so I did.....

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October 12, 2010

Latest Fashion News

What Jeans Do You Wear??

 Too Long? Too Tight? Too saggy? Searching for jeans thaqt perfectly fits you has always been a stressful thing. 
 We all know how hard it is to find a perfect pair of denim jeans that were just made for your body shape. Out of 60,000 women who took a denim survey, results revealed that more 86% of women who went shopping for a pair of denim, has ended up not buying any. The other 14% were women who bought a pair and actually believe that those jeans were designed for their shape of body. Luckily, Levi's has solved this problem.
After studying the shapes of thousands of women through 3D body scans, Levi's has created Custom Fit for Women as a unique solution. The pioneering research identifies 3 body shapes: Slight Curve, Demi- curve and Bold- curve. Now women can be more relaxed when going out for shopping for a pair of denim!!


Slight- curve

WHAT SHAPE DOES IT SUIT? women with straight or boyish figures.

WHAT'S THE STYLE?  Slight curve defines the waist and enhances your curves. Slim-fitting through the thighs, it shapes your behind to the perfect curve. and is set to become the next Levi's Icon.

WILL IT WORK FOR ME? If jeans are usually too tight at the waist, which results in creating a muffin look, or if jeans are too big in the the thighs, well then choose a perfect fit and you are off to glam!

Demi Curve

WHAT SHAPE DOES IT SUIT? Frames most bodies, especially those with shorter proportions,

WHAT'S THE STYLE? Demi curve  flatters the waist and smooths your shape. This world-class fit is available in skinny, slim bootcut or straigt and is offered an array of finishes.

WILL IT WORK FOR ME? If jeans usually fit your waist but don't frame your figure correctly.

Bold  Curve

WHAT SHAPE DOES IT SUIT? Fuller figures and curvy types

WHAT'S THE STYLE? Bold curve really celebrates the feminine silhouette, hugging the waist without gaping or pulling.  It comes in straight, in skinny, and in slim bootcut styles and is available in the full range of finishes.

WILL IT WORK FOR ME? If jeans fit you around the botton but tend to gpe at the waist, or if you usually find the thigh is too tight.

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October 9, 2010

Latest Fashion News

 What's What These Days,

Ok, so while working in my shop I discovered that many women don't exactly know some of the outfit names. I know that if you don't know something, you describe it. But sometimes it is difficult for an individual to walk into a store with thousands of different items hung  on hangers and just expect a sales assistant to know what do you exactly mean. It can be hard. therefore, my Ladies, I give you this small photo of 3 types of tops .

Shrug- This is a cardigan-like garment with short or long sleeves, mostly knitted. Generally, a shrug covers less of the body than a vest would, but it is more tailored than a shawl. Shrugs are typically worn as the outermost layer of an outfit, with a full shirt or tank top beneath.

Shawl- loosely worn over the shoulders, upper body and arms, sometimes also over the head. It is usually a rectangular  or square  piece of cloth, that is often folded to make a triangle but can also be triangular in shape. Other shapes include oblong shawls.

Bedjacket-  This is a waist-length robe worn to cover the chest, shoulders and arms while sitting up in bed. Its short length and cape-like cut allowed it to be put on (or removed) while in bed. Often made of sheer or lacy fabrics and displaying very feminine trimmings and details, it was often used more for seduction, rather than warmth or modesty

Yap, That's ME!!

So I decided to reveal myself here, only for one post. It is for you to help me figure out my autumn style. Is it Hot or not?? I want to look really cute this season, so I went for a floral dress, along with Eskimo-snow boots, a 3-button grey hat, and black tights. My jacket is dark brown and has creamy fake fur inside, It is very warm and comfortable.
 Any comments, please write:)

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October 5, 2010

Latest Fashion News

 Five Capitals and Five fantastic gowns! The world premieres of the film "Salt" Angelina Jolie has proven that she is the queen of red carpet!!!


Seemingly modest Gown from Versace turned out to be very sexy, when reaching almost to the waist dress cut revealed Angelina's gorgeous slim leg.
Angie added more glam by wearing high peep-toes and clear make-up.


The star chose cocktail dress by Elie Saab signed with, with an interesting, asymmetrical flounce. The deep blue hue perfectly highlighted her beauty.


Dress to the ground, by Amanda Wakeley, was excited by a deep notch and lustrous fabric in two colors.


The red gown from Versace made the actress look most attractive. As she walked through the red carpet, the whole crowd screamed from excitement and were amazed by Angelina's fabulous look. The red Lipstick, hair following on her shoulders and red stiletto heels make this set unique


The actress has set the fashion capital of the flash. Roland Pamelli dress shirt looked amazing on the star as she matched them up with heels from Ferragamo.

October 1, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Moschino Fall/ Winter 2010

Let's see what Moschino has to offer. This fall and winter, Moschino has been inspired by cowboys. We have cowboys boots, cowboy hats, cowboy tops and cowboy belts. However, the colour may difer. In fact, Moschino's outfits are mostly black. Every model looked dramatic, sometimes.. depressed. It didn't even look classy- black is usually worn with elegant outfits. But this collection... See for yourself....Black cowboy hat, dark shades, big gold hoop earrings, and a black strapless bustier dress with a voluptuous spill of ruffles for a skirt.Black, black black.



 Little Miss Swift

 Guess who took Moschino's advise on wearing black this season! That's right, little miss Taylor Swift glammed for Roberto cavalli's 40th Anniversary Party downtown in Paris. 
for this occasion, the young singer chose a dress from Roberto Cavalli's collection along with a gorgeous pair of cutout platforms.
As I wrote earlier, Black is mainly worn on elegant night out, and Taylor has it all!!


All In White!!

All in White  Julia Roberts wore a white Stella McCartney tuxedo suit to the London premiere of `Eat, Pray Love`
Julia, 42, said she wants people to be moved by the romantic drama, which is based on the best-selling memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert.
'I hope this movie inspires people to take a little bit more time out for themselves, and to appreciate what they have,' she said on the brightly coloured carpet, which was decorated with floral arches.
The mother-of-three did not disappoint the hundreds of fans who turned out in support, signing autographs and posing for photographs