September 13, 2010

Latest Fashion News

 Shock Around World!

 Lady Gaga shocked us all- this may sound unusual, Lady Gaga is known for `shocking people` but this image was just top of it all.
 Appearing on the cover of the September issue of Men's Vogue Japan, Gaga presented herself in a bikini- made of raw meat. Yes, meat. The image gave a cherry on top of Lady Gaga's biggest scandals.
The Ethical Treatment of Animals criticized the Star for being crucial and giving no respect to Animals  
 There has been thousands of complaints found around the globe about Gaga's latest look.  
Gaga may lose a lot of Fans for what she has done. 
Now the question is... Was it worth it??



Kim Fights for a Beautiful Body

Even though Kim admits she works very hard on staying in good shape, she has revealed she looked absolutely horrifying in the latest movie `Meet Monica Velour` . 
At first she had no intention in watching the shots the film made. It is that said she feels very uncomfortable in her Age.

I certainly disagree to her thoughts. Kim looks fantastic for her Age and there is no doubt about it. She losts quickly weight after `Sex and the City` film, which required her to gain weight.
She may work very hard to look great, but at least we see results!


D&G Inspired by Snowflakes!!

Ahh, this gets me back to the late 80's during winter, where men and women used to wear over-sized sweaters with a reindeer or a snowflake on it. Ahh, good times..
Anyway, back to Fashion, the latest Winter collection by D&G was actually inspired by those years during an The World Olympics. Snowflake sweaters, full body ski suits, furry cardigans... you get the picture.


There were arcoal gray cable sweaters, that were cut into the duo's signature bustier dresses, and Dasher and Dancer pranced across floaty, sweat printed chiffon frocks or blouses layered under fitted vests.  

The models were wearing clean make-up and big goggles on their foreheads. The wore 'Eskimo' shoes, furry, very, very furry. The dresses were absolutely fabulous and D&G sure did stun the  visitors who came to see the Runway Fashion.

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