September 7, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Leather for Winter Weather!

Burberry 2010
We all know leather Jackets are back (if only I knew it 5 years ago when I threw mine out), but it's good to know how to combine leather with other clothes. With combining a right dress or skirt, you are shake the Town:) Take a look at Burberry's Fall/Winter 2010 collection. It already gives you an idea of what type of dress and shoes WILL look great on you. Try mixing knee-length cowboy dresses too, don't wear plain/straight skirts with leather unless you are fully sure it suits

Christian Dior Fall 2010 Couture

This year Christian Dior has prepared himself for an A+ . There is nothing you cannot love in his latest collection. You have the fronding, the feathering, the ruching, the ruffling—all this duplicated the extraordinary intricacies of flowers. So much flowers and feathers. There were colorful leather gloves, and sandals. Lovely.
Delicate, bright and cheerful is how you will describe his collection.

Eva Longoria Parker- Look of the Week!!

A little sneak-peak at Eva Longoria Parker sure won't hurt anybody.
The gorgeous actress has been spotted lately wearing a Victoria Beckham pale gray sheath matched up with beautiful Salvatore Ferragamo sandals.
Of course, with a body so great as hers, anyone could look like Eva! Plus the tan, plus the awesome clutch and jewelery... Uh, so much work and yet sooo worth it.. Therefore, BaniCeleb is so generous that it is honoring Eva for the Best look of the week. Congrats!


A Valuable lesson to Learn from Katy


 The biggest thing I admire in Katy Perry is that she Loves herself. She loves to be seen and she's always been positive with her self-image and personality. Katy may change her hair, her clothes, make-up and shoes, but never what's inside.
I love writing articles about her, because Katy always changes her look to something fresh and exciting. One day she wears a blue wig and a candy-made dress, another time she's dressed up as a cheerleader. For one Japan MTV Awards she wore a dress with... Sushi attachments..

 Anyway, here we see that from a simple black sweater and knee-length skirt, the "I Kissed a Girl" singer has proven that any outfit will  make her sexy and fabulous. That's true.Any outfit will make you look gorgeous, if you''ll be confident with yourself. Isn't that Katy's biggest secret? So Chin up and Live like Perry!!

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