September 16, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Older and yet Sexier!

Victoria Beckham may be turning 37 soon, but her body goes the opposite way. Victoria looks younger and healthier everyday. Her outfits, too, are youthful, bright and sexy.

With a body such hot as Victoria's makes the the way younger women may not want to compete with!.
The Fashion designer was spotted in New York  while leaving the NY Fashion Week, wearing  a pair of really short denims, teamed with a striped top.

The 36-year-old mother of three finished off her look with a scarf and a pair of vertiginous, bondage peep-toe heels. The Star has no intention to stress about her age.

But who said life at age 37 needs to be dull and Grey?!  get the Look, and look younger! All you need is a stripy top, a pair of denim shorts and high heeled peep-toes! It's not rocket science to look and feel great, just simple steps:)
Life is beautiful for her just the way it is and may be for you:)


Looking For Attention

We all know Katie Price, right?? Of coarse we do. Katie Price is the Sister of Lady Gaga, the Queen of scandals and the Daughter of disturbance.
Now, just recently Katie stepped out of the
 SoHo Hotel in London, wearing a cropped heart-print T-shirt which was tied at the bottom for more sex-appeal, a pair of tight jean. Ah, yes and she wore a head full of pink rollers. You didn't see that coming, did ya?
Now, we've seen Katie wearing rollers last year, but what inspired her this time??

Is there any interesting story hidden behind those giant curlers, or is Katie again trying to gain publicity and interest??


Mulberry Spring 2010 Ready-To-Wear

If you like something that screams: `` That Ginger girl is wearing a cute Top!`` or anything like that, well then Mulberry's Spring 2011 is something just for you. I know you think: Who needs clothes for summer yet? But at least give it a chance and look at it. As I said already, the collection is based on cute and sweet clothes. And I said ginger, because the models on the runway were ginger. There were rosettes, surfeit of frills,and ruffles, the whole runway was sweet and cute.

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