September 11, 2010

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 See what Winter has to Offer!!

We may not feel it yet but winter is just around the corner, and sooner or later, just like during the summer, you will be crazy about getting a totally ne look in your wardrobe. Well, this year, winter has a lot to offer. From long elegant jackets and 70's dresses by Marc Jacobs, and Fluffy cosy eskimo hats by Chanel, you have a lot to choose from. Take a look at the photos below.

 Celine Ready to wear 2010 collection focuses on black sweaters, black heavy boots, black leather skirts. It sounds depressing but once you'll know how to wear them all, you will shine anywhere you want!The collection has a metallic way to look at the winter. 

 Chanel this year is more about white and bright colours. The collection presents an Eskimo look for winter. You have fluffy warm fur jackets, fluffy handbags, cosy sweaters and white tights. I would say that Chanel has upgraded the "real" Eskimo look, but tries not to change too much. 

Marc Jacobs

 And, of course, my Favorite, Marc Jacobs. This year, Marc jacobs was inspired by the 60's and 70's, with long onver-knee skirts and plain jackets. The collection reflects a simple look, nothing too unique as because marc Jacobs is known for creating elegance in simplicity. during the runway, the model wore clean make-up, socks with flat shoes, they had big decolletages. Everything was so feminine.


Item of The Day- We Love It!

J. Crew
The BaniCeleb crew had a tough decision to make today. We promissed our readers the best item of the day. After harsh hours, we have finally chosen our winner. The Mongolian Lamb Bag, J.Crew, $795 is the perfect item for winter. Cute, cosy, and let's not forget, that even Chanel's Winter collection is focused on Cute and Cosy this year!! 


 What a night that Was!!

Diane Kruger
Rachel Bilson
Alexa Chung

 What a great night to Celebrate! A Chanel Shop, called SoHo has just opened in New York and many beautiful actresses and models attended this opening. There was Claire Danes, Shalom Harlow, Rachel Bilson, Lily Donaldson and lots more.  Almost all the Ladies were in Chanel and all of them simply stunned equally. 
 Diane Kruger went for the ruffled dress from the latest Autumn/ Winter 2010/11 Chanel Collection along with ankle length booties. Her dress was unique and by wearing those little booties, she created a less serious and more chick-style look. That, of course, worked perfectly!
Alexa Chung was presenting herself in a Ready-to-wear Chanel Collection. The dress was a 3-layered dress with flowers and dots. The details gave Alexa Chung a cute, sweet look:)  
Rachel Bilson shined in a stripy indiana dress topped up with ankle booties. The look is hip, trendy and cute too! Do you want to guess the designer? Yap, it's Chanel!


please note:photos attached in my posts have not been taken by me.All else has been edited/written by BaniCeleb. Any queries please

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