September 9, 2010

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Red Carpet on Fire during Emmy Awards!

It looks like The Emmy Awards 2010  went pretty well. The Red Carpet went on fire when all celebrities joined together for the Awards wearing fabulous gowns nd suits. Each star more perfect than the other. Here I picked three of the best gowns that were spotted on that Day.

Kim Kardashian  sparkled in a lovely  white Grecian-style dress by Marchesa and for more glam.... She spent over 2 Million Dollars on her Jewelery and a diamond cuff! call me crazy, but spending so much one night... I hope she didn't lose her cuff on the way home...

  Emily Blunt  went for a one-shoulder floral lavender appliqué dress by Christian Dior, shoes that we haven't actually got a chance to see but we can imagine they were as pretty as the dress! Emily accessorized herself with Lorraine Schwartz jewelery,a flower hair pin and a shiny champagne snakeskin cuff.

Heidi Klum decided to hit the red carpet in a daring thigh high black strapless tulle dress with rose embroidered sculpted bands by Marchesa matched up with a diamond necklace by Lorraine Schwartz (gosh, his name is heard a lot, isn't it?).  The look was finished by a pair of Christian Louboutin's  black Pumps.


The Unique Girl we all Love

We know Alexa Chung loves to look cute for her age. For the 2010 GO Men of the Year Awards, Alexa chose a tiered Valentino Haute Couture dress along with a pair of Chanel space booties. The look sure is unusual, but not for Chung.

Even though the Valentino dress covers all of her upper body and  the decolletage has been replaced by a cute bow, Alexa still got to show her beautiful legs. Such cute look, yet beautiful and sexy.

I personally am not a fan of Valentino, but I certainly do love those unique Chanel booties!


A Big LOL to Rihanna!

Yes, that's right. A Big LOL to Rihanna's latest look. this girl was spotted downtown Chicago partying to the full and she simply stunned that night. The dress she wore was just a simple tight black mini-dress, but the make-up she wore gave the whole look more glam and sexiness to the. Rihanna wore an energetic blue eyeshadow and and a pink lip balm. This was  as actually a pretty good Idea. Again, the dress itself was boring (a pale black dress, nothing too unique), but by wearing such an rich and bright make-up makes the whole look trendy, exciting and yet not overdone.A great look idea for clubbing or hanging out with friends.

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