September 5, 2010

Latest Fashion News

 Armani Prive Fall 2010 Couture

An outstanding performance is the definition for the Armani Prive Runway Couture Show. Here, the Beige color plays the main role and models with clear make-up and classic easy straight hairstyles to give a more outstanding classy look. The draped jacket and skirt combination is an Armani classic, of course. From extending one scarf collar over a shoulder to fastening it with a large wood and amber brooch. The Collection has no limits!

 Jessica inspired by Valentino!

Jessica Alba made quite a fantastic entrance few days ago at the Venice Film Festival 2010. All eyes stared at the beauty while she walked in wearing  a Valentino dress and heels for this occasion. The Look was completed with a pair of stunning pearl earrings and darker clutch.

It's Good to Experiment, Ashley

 Years ago the Olsen twins were famous for their homeless looks and poor fashion appearance. The Twins wore too large outfits and  heavy make-up which made their looks strangely unusual in today's world.
After years of experimenting with Fashion, the Olsen twins have finally reached a high respect from other designers and there is no match for them to com-peat with. Their looks are worshiped, the girls are best known for their "different" but glamorous and elegant looks.
Take a look, for example at the photo attached on left. Ashley created a fabulous look with knee-length gladiator shoes. Nothing too extraordinary, but yet she decided to out-stand from the crowd. Congrats, Ashley, you stunned us again!

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  1. Wow Girl - this is the best blog ever :)))

  2. I agree. What a refreshing change from the past. Plus it doesn't look cookie-cutter glam like so many others on the red carpet. If I could carry off those shoes (which, unfortunately, I can't) I'd be hunting down a pair. Guess I'll have to live vicariously through Ashley!!