September 22, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Check What Collection Suits You!!!

BaniCeleb is proud to introduce to all our viewers, the GREATEST POST ever done!!  To make your shopping more easier, check out these hot pictures from collections all around us. So, whether you're into sports or romantic walks, there is always something for you!!

For long romantic Autumn walk down in the Park, Micheal Kors's fall Collection will inspire you from head to toe. Those sexy mini skirts and long sweaters, along with a warm wool hat and furry handbags.... Sounds nice and toasty- just right for a windy day:)

If any man would dare to ask any girl wearing such beautiful collection by Chloe, then he must really really work hard to inspire her on the date. He could take her somewhere really special, and nice.
I mean, the clothes already are a huge hit- those long-sleeved silk blouses and high-waist flared trousers, and the bouncy, blown-out Charlie girl hair... and these wool coats...

Or maybe you are more into sport activities and outdoor adventures? Then search no more- Dolce & Gabbana is the perfect collection for you!! Wear gray cable sweaters, that are cut into the duo's signature bustier dresses, and Dasher and Dancer pranced across floaty, sweat printed chiffon frocks or blouses layered under fitted vests.wear clean make-up and big goggles on your forehead. Don't forget about 'Eskimo' shoes, furry, very, very furry! 

September 21, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Too Small Shorts, Brit??

Besides the fact that the shorts are too small for Britney, the 29 year-old mother looked quite nice during her visit to Burger diner Johnny Rockets.
Cute and Simple is what I would say: Brit wore a pair of short creamy shorts along with white top. see, I told you, it's simple.

For many years, Britney had many transformations- from a black widow- looking smother to a bold lazy girl. But now, things seem to get a little bit better now. Her style isn't as shocking as the rest.
 A simple casual hairstyle and a violet leather bag closed the look.
Now, if we could just replace those shorts with a bigger size....


Diva in Black

Eva Longoria Parker shined at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute this week wearing a beautiful tight Gustavo Cadile gown.
Along with the dress came a black clutch and amazing lack earrings to make the look more sexy.

Eva did not want extra glam, as because the dress already is very, very glamorous, so she went for a simple ponytail hairstyle and a smokey-eye look.
The dress highlight her beautiful curves and brings more feminine look overall.


 DKNY Fall 2010 Ready-to -Wear Collection

DKNY (Donna Karran Ney York) has something special this season. This year, the Company has been focusing on the 60's outfits. the runway was filled with models wearing school-like clothes, mainly mini-skirts and over sized jackets. There were wool coats, some were leather jackets, cardigans and turtlenecks. 
Along with wool or floral printed skirts came high heeled leather shoes and woolen tights or ankle socks.
DKNY topped the look with long wool scarves, something similiar to astrakhan newsboys.
 Everything looked so casual and yet so glamorous. Nothing else you could add to any of the looks, because they may then look too overdone. Models had clear make-up and ponytail hairstyles. Simple chick from the 60's I guess.

September 16, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Older and yet Sexier!

Victoria Beckham may be turning 37 soon, but her body goes the opposite way. Victoria looks younger and healthier everyday. Her outfits, too, are youthful, bright and sexy.

With a body such hot as Victoria's makes the the way younger women may not want to compete with!.
The Fashion designer was spotted in New York  while leaving the NY Fashion Week, wearing  a pair of really short denims, teamed with a striped top.

The 36-year-old mother of three finished off her look with a scarf and a pair of vertiginous, bondage peep-toe heels. The Star has no intention to stress about her age.

But who said life at age 37 needs to be dull and Grey?!  get the Look, and look younger! All you need is a stripy top, a pair of denim shorts and high heeled peep-toes! It's not rocket science to look and feel great, just simple steps:)
Life is beautiful for her just the way it is and may be for you:)


Looking For Attention

We all know Katie Price, right?? Of coarse we do. Katie Price is the Sister of Lady Gaga, the Queen of scandals and the Daughter of disturbance.
Now, just recently Katie stepped out of the
 SoHo Hotel in London, wearing a cropped heart-print T-shirt which was tied at the bottom for more sex-appeal, a pair of tight jean. Ah, yes and she wore a head full of pink rollers. You didn't see that coming, did ya?
Now, we've seen Katie wearing rollers last year, but what inspired her this time??

Is there any interesting story hidden behind those giant curlers, or is Katie again trying to gain publicity and interest??


Mulberry Spring 2010 Ready-To-Wear

If you like something that screams: `` That Ginger girl is wearing a cute Top!`` or anything like that, well then Mulberry's Spring 2011 is something just for you. I know you think: Who needs clothes for summer yet? But at least give it a chance and look at it. As I said already, the collection is based on cute and sweet clothes. And I said ginger, because the models on the runway were ginger. There were rosettes, surfeit of frills,and ruffles, the whole runway was sweet and cute.

September 14, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Beyonce Modeling for Tom Ford

 Last weekend Beyonce modeled for Tom Ford in NYC. It has been a surprise for all the guest and when Beyonce walked down the catwalk, all eyes from the audience just glued into her. Other celebrities that modeled for Tom Ford were: Karen Elson, Lauren Hutton, Julianne Moore, Chanel Iman, Marisa Berensen, Daphne Guiness and more. It was a wonderful night and everybody loved the show. The Party was an invitation-only so not many had the chance to see the show.
Beyonce surprised everyone wearing a beautiful gold outfit during the runway of  Tom Ford!!! She looked and flt fantastic. She even compared the event to one of her performances. After the runway she revealed:
"It has been so much fun. It felt like a performance. It had the energy of a live show. It is so great to see people have fun in fashion.I really enjoyed it!" Well, there you go. I wish we could all get to see Beyonce and many more on that catwalk



Yes, It's Lady Gaga again. Making a scene as usual. But, apparently, many people love to hear the latest news about our Famous Gaga, so I am doing a kind favour, again.
Just recently Lady Gaga made a dramatic exit from a New York City airport wearing
YES, we get it. You love to be in the center of everything. You like to be heard, seen and everything else that Gagas do. But this is just way too much.
First the Meat bikini shoe wore for the VMA's  which was immediately spotted by the Animal Rights Co.  and now it is believed that Gaga has made a `too sexy image` on public. The handcuffs, the ripped tights, high Alexander Mcqueen shoes, and, of course, her partially covered body. Many parents were concerned to what their children might think when they saw an almost naked monster -like girl.... This is just way tooo much.


Kim Kardashian Loves Vicki's Collection!

Kim Kardashian jetted off to London after attending the Jill Stuart Fashion Show at Lincoln Center in New York City on Saturday. The stgorgeous Star wore a Grey bandeau dress  by Victoria Beckham.
 The dress hit the jackpot once the Star showed herself in it. It highlights her feminine beautiful curves and makes them even sexier!  The whole make-up, hair, jewellery was just perfect.

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September 13, 2010

Latest Fashion News

 Shock Around World!

 Lady Gaga shocked us all- this may sound unusual, Lady Gaga is known for `shocking people` but this image was just top of it all.
 Appearing on the cover of the September issue of Men's Vogue Japan, Gaga presented herself in a bikini- made of raw meat. Yes, meat. The image gave a cherry on top of Lady Gaga's biggest scandals.
The Ethical Treatment of Animals criticized the Star for being crucial and giving no respect to Animals  
 There has been thousands of complaints found around the globe about Gaga's latest look.  
Gaga may lose a lot of Fans for what she has done. 
Now the question is... Was it worth it??



Kim Fights for a Beautiful Body

Even though Kim admits she works very hard on staying in good shape, she has revealed she looked absolutely horrifying in the latest movie `Meet Monica Velour` . 
At first she had no intention in watching the shots the film made. It is that said she feels very uncomfortable in her Age.

I certainly disagree to her thoughts. Kim looks fantastic for her Age and there is no doubt about it. She losts quickly weight after `Sex and the City` film, which required her to gain weight.
She may work very hard to look great, but at least we see results!


D&G Inspired by Snowflakes!!

Ahh, this gets me back to the late 80's during winter, where men and women used to wear over-sized sweaters with a reindeer or a snowflake on it. Ahh, good times..
Anyway, back to Fashion, the latest Winter collection by D&G was actually inspired by those years during an The World Olympics. Snowflake sweaters, full body ski suits, furry cardigans... you get the picture.


There were arcoal gray cable sweaters, that were cut into the duo's signature bustier dresses, and Dasher and Dancer pranced across floaty, sweat printed chiffon frocks or blouses layered under fitted vests.  

The models were wearing clean make-up and big goggles on their foreheads. The wore 'Eskimo' shoes, furry, very, very furry. The dresses were absolutely fabulous and D&G sure did stun the  visitors who came to see the Runway Fashion.

September 12, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Gwyneth - Are my Trousers OK?
Born in 1972 (38 years old) this woman  has a body of a youg model girl. The legs, the hair, the chest.....
In order to look so great, Gwyneth needs to have regular exercises and a strict diet. And she needs to know what to wear to not make her look too old .
For Fashion's Night Out in London, Gwyneth glammed in top and trousers by Stella McCartney. She added more glam by adding diamon jewelry and 4-button booties. 
But I'm not sure about this whole look. I know Gwyneth pays a lot of attention to clothes she's wearing but this look o the photo doesn't seem to look as good as it should be.The top makes her breasts a little bit baggy. The trousers have big side pockets which make her thighs look wider. And then there's this jacket... Why on earth would you wear such trousers to such a jacket? And the Top?


Victoria- One Hot Mama!

 Love  it, Love it, Love it! Victoria is a one gorgeous mama and with her beautiful body, nobody can compete! (Even you, Gwyneth:) )
The wife of Beckham left her New York City hotel in a kelly green shift by Goat and cork platform pumps. For Victoria this outfit may be her usual day style. She may wear sunglasses to this look, but yet all the newspapers and blogs write about her unique style. I wonder how it feels like to be Victoria. Wear it and be yourself and suddenly you are on first page of every magazine. Genius!


The DKNY Fall Advertisment

 There is something rich about this Ad. All five model dressed in rich textures, thick jackets, skirts and sweaters in rustic autumnal hues. All the outfits, are in the hue of Fall. Each model stands perfectly in a rich jacket or sweater. Makes you want to think: " I wish is it Fall already". Lucky for us, Fall is just a step away so we can all go for a little shopping :)
My Summer was very bad. I was overworking and overstressed. By the time I realized what moth it was, the summer was already gone. But I'm not gonna let fall run away so easily. Get ready, here a go:)


Fashion Designer Files

 Antonio Berardi Fall 2010

Yes, I am 100% sure now. Beige is the color that will dominate this fall. It is the color of luxury, as said by many Fashion designers. We have Chloe with nothing but beige trousers, and proper beige blouses. We have Marc Jacobs also and his long back to the 70's coats, also color beige is mentioned. And we have Antonio Berardi.

When I first saw Berardi's collection, my first thought was: This is very similar to Chloe's and Marc Jacobs'  Fall collection. You got the Beige plain dresses, silky coats and clean make-up. Not all the outfits were beige, but the whole atmosphere made you think it was a copy of what you have seen earlier from another designer's collection. Berardi went for clean lines, cashmere dresses,  putty-colored skirtsuit opening to a crystal-embellished corset. The models had braids around their heads to make a more pure and innocent look. Accessories were kept to a minimum

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September 11, 2010

Latest Fashion News

 See what Winter has to Offer!!

We may not feel it yet but winter is just around the corner, and sooner or later, just like during the summer, you will be crazy about getting a totally ne look in your wardrobe. Well, this year, winter has a lot to offer. From long elegant jackets and 70's dresses by Marc Jacobs, and Fluffy cosy eskimo hats by Chanel, you have a lot to choose from. Take a look at the photos below.

 Celine Ready to wear 2010 collection focuses on black sweaters, black heavy boots, black leather skirts. It sounds depressing but once you'll know how to wear them all, you will shine anywhere you want!The collection has a metallic way to look at the winter. 

 Chanel this year is more about white and bright colours. The collection presents an Eskimo look for winter. You have fluffy warm fur jackets, fluffy handbags, cosy sweaters and white tights. I would say that Chanel has upgraded the "real" Eskimo look, but tries not to change too much. 

Marc Jacobs

 And, of course, my Favorite, Marc Jacobs. This year, Marc jacobs was inspired by the 60's and 70's, with long onver-knee skirts and plain jackets. The collection reflects a simple look, nothing too unique as because marc Jacobs is known for creating elegance in simplicity. during the runway, the model wore clean make-up, socks with flat shoes, they had big decolletages. Everything was so feminine.


Item of The Day- We Love It!

J. Crew
The BaniCeleb crew had a tough decision to make today. We promissed our readers the best item of the day. After harsh hours, we have finally chosen our winner. The Mongolian Lamb Bag, J.Crew, $795 is the perfect item for winter. Cute, cosy, and let's not forget, that even Chanel's Winter collection is focused on Cute and Cosy this year!! 


 What a night that Was!!

Diane Kruger
Rachel Bilson
Alexa Chung

 What a great night to Celebrate! A Chanel Shop, called SoHo has just opened in New York and many beautiful actresses and models attended this opening. There was Claire Danes, Shalom Harlow, Rachel Bilson, Lily Donaldson and lots more.  Almost all the Ladies were in Chanel and all of them simply stunned equally. 
 Diane Kruger went for the ruffled dress from the latest Autumn/ Winter 2010/11 Chanel Collection along with ankle length booties. Her dress was unique and by wearing those little booties, she created a less serious and more chick-style look. That, of course, worked perfectly!
Alexa Chung was presenting herself in a Ready-to-wear Chanel Collection. The dress was a 3-layered dress with flowers and dots. The details gave Alexa Chung a cute, sweet look:)  
Rachel Bilson shined in a stripy indiana dress topped up with ankle booties. The look is hip, trendy and cute too! Do you want to guess the designer? Yap, it's Chanel!


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September 9, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Red Carpet on Fire during Emmy Awards!

It looks like The Emmy Awards 2010  went pretty well. The Red Carpet went on fire when all celebrities joined together for the Awards wearing fabulous gowns nd suits. Each star more perfect than the other. Here I picked three of the best gowns that were spotted on that Day.

Kim Kardashian  sparkled in a lovely  white Grecian-style dress by Marchesa and for more glam.... She spent over 2 Million Dollars on her Jewelery and a diamond cuff! call me crazy, but spending so much one night... I hope she didn't lose her cuff on the way home...

  Emily Blunt  went for a one-shoulder floral lavender appliqué dress by Christian Dior, shoes that we haven't actually got a chance to see but we can imagine they were as pretty as the dress! Emily accessorized herself with Lorraine Schwartz jewelery,a flower hair pin and a shiny champagne snakeskin cuff.

Heidi Klum decided to hit the red carpet in a daring thigh high black strapless tulle dress with rose embroidered sculpted bands by Marchesa matched up with a diamond necklace by Lorraine Schwartz (gosh, his name is heard a lot, isn't it?).  The look was finished by a pair of Christian Louboutin's  black Pumps.


The Unique Girl we all Love

We know Alexa Chung loves to look cute for her age. For the 2010 GO Men of the Year Awards, Alexa chose a tiered Valentino Haute Couture dress along with a pair of Chanel space booties. The look sure is unusual, but not for Chung.

Even though the Valentino dress covers all of her upper body and  the decolletage has been replaced by a cute bow, Alexa still got to show her beautiful legs. Such cute look, yet beautiful and sexy.

I personally am not a fan of Valentino, but I certainly do love those unique Chanel booties!


A Big LOL to Rihanna!

Yes, that's right. A Big LOL to Rihanna's latest look. this girl was spotted downtown Chicago partying to the full and she simply stunned that night. The dress she wore was just a simple tight black mini-dress, but the make-up she wore gave the whole look more glam and sexiness to the. Rihanna wore an energetic blue eyeshadow and and a pink lip balm. This was  as actually a pretty good Idea. Again, the dress itself was boring (a pale black dress, nothing too unique), but by wearing such an rich and bright make-up makes the whole look trendy, exciting and yet not overdone.A great look idea for clubbing or hanging out with friends.

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September 7, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Leather for Winter Weather!

Burberry 2010
We all know leather Jackets are back (if only I knew it 5 years ago when I threw mine out), but it's good to know how to combine leather with other clothes. With combining a right dress or skirt, you are shake the Town:) Take a look at Burberry's Fall/Winter 2010 collection. It already gives you an idea of what type of dress and shoes WILL look great on you. Try mixing knee-length cowboy dresses too, don't wear plain/straight skirts with leather unless you are fully sure it suits

Christian Dior Fall 2010 Couture

This year Christian Dior has prepared himself for an A+ . There is nothing you cannot love in his latest collection. You have the fronding, the feathering, the ruching, the ruffling—all this duplicated the extraordinary intricacies of flowers. So much flowers and feathers. There were colorful leather gloves, and sandals. Lovely.
Delicate, bright and cheerful is how you will describe his collection.

Eva Longoria Parker- Look of the Week!!

A little sneak-peak at Eva Longoria Parker sure won't hurt anybody.
The gorgeous actress has been spotted lately wearing a Victoria Beckham pale gray sheath matched up with beautiful Salvatore Ferragamo sandals.
Of course, with a body so great as hers, anyone could look like Eva! Plus the tan, plus the awesome clutch and jewelery... Uh, so much work and yet sooo worth it.. Therefore, BaniCeleb is so generous that it is honoring Eva for the Best look of the week. Congrats!


A Valuable lesson to Learn from Katy


 The biggest thing I admire in Katy Perry is that she Loves herself. She loves to be seen and she's always been positive with her self-image and personality. Katy may change her hair, her clothes, make-up and shoes, but never what's inside.
I love writing articles about her, because Katy always changes her look to something fresh and exciting. One day she wears a blue wig and a candy-made dress, another time she's dressed up as a cheerleader. For one Japan MTV Awards she wore a dress with... Sushi attachments..

 Anyway, here we see that from a simple black sweater and knee-length skirt, the "I Kissed a Girl" singer has proven that any outfit will  make her sexy and fabulous. That's true.Any outfit will make you look gorgeous, if you''ll be confident with yourself. Isn't that Katy's biggest secret? So Chin up and Live like Perry!!

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September 5, 2010

Latest Fashion News

 Armani Prive Fall 2010 Couture

An outstanding performance is the definition for the Armani Prive Runway Couture Show. Here, the Beige color plays the main role and models with clear make-up and classic easy straight hairstyles to give a more outstanding classy look. The draped jacket and skirt combination is an Armani classic, of course. From extending one scarf collar over a shoulder to fastening it with a large wood and amber brooch. The Collection has no limits!

 Jessica inspired by Valentino!

Jessica Alba made quite a fantastic entrance few days ago at the Venice Film Festival 2010. All eyes stared at the beauty while she walked in wearing  a Valentino dress and heels for this occasion. The Look was completed with a pair of stunning pearl earrings and darker clutch.

It's Good to Experiment, Ashley

 Years ago the Olsen twins were famous for their homeless looks and poor fashion appearance. The Twins wore too large outfits and  heavy make-up which made their looks strangely unusual in today's world.
After years of experimenting with Fashion, the Olsen twins have finally reached a high respect from other designers and there is no match for them to com-peat with. Their looks are worshiped, the girls are best known for their "different" but glamorous and elegant looks.
Take a look, for example at the photo attached on left. Ashley created a fabulous look with knee-length gladiator shoes. Nothing too extraordinary, but yet she decided to out-stand from the crowd. Congrats, Ashley, you stunned us again!

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September 4, 2010

Latest Fahion News

Chloe prepares for Fall/Winter

The Latest fall/winter 2010 collection by Chloe is all about elegance. And Beige. So much Beige. The ready-to-wear runway models wore long-sleeved silk blouses and high-waist flared trousers, and the bouncy, blown-out Charlie girl hair that captures the seventies American sportswear attitude. Jackets, shoes, tops... you name it. It all comes to Beige.
Here is a look I picked up for you.
Trousers- Topshop,
Blouse- H&M
Ankle Boots- River Island

Leather Jackets - New Trend for Fall 2010

Nicole Richie
We all know leather is the latest Fashion trend, and will be for the next few months, but before wearing one, we should first really consider HOW to wear it.
It is really tricky when you want to mix high heels with a leather jacket. Try Nicole's look, for example. 
Paired with a satin dress and heels, and accented with dark tights and mixed metals, it's the perfect hard-soft combo.
Try not to play with colours, as leather jackets are meant to give a "bad girl" look..

Natural is the New Portman

Natalie Portman

 Natalie Portman sure did look stunning on the second day of the Venice Film Festival.
For this Festival the Beauty wore a French knot embroidered Jason Wu shift and a black clutch and dolly shoes from Christian Dior.

The Look is very simple, the dress is plain blue-ish, which brings the look to a more neutral standard. The decolletage is very small, therefore any Jewellery worn would damage the shape of the dress.If any necklace would be worn, it would cover the decolletage and would make the dress look big and heavy on Natalie.