August 18, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Fab printed bags hit the Shops!

And how can you resist not having such a fab tote! Along with a make up case, Cambria Cove collection has hit the shops already and might be selling really fast! the tote and make-up case are sold together or simple at affordable prices! Hurry up, shops are closing at 7!

Up in the Air Hottie!

If you are travelling by plane soon, take a good advise from one of the celebrities here. Jessica Alba gives you a good advise on how and what to wear n a plane to look and feel comfortable. Alba traveled by plane in style, a rocking cargo pants with a studded twinset. The look was completed by her accessories from One of a Kind, and Yves Saint Laurent bag, Escada shades, and Gerard Darel beige sandals. Jessica looks fantastic and her flight must have been enjoyable. With such a look of hers anyone would enjoy any flight, even the long distance ones!

Marissa Miller and her look

Here is a quick look on Marissa Miller's latest outfit which she decided to wear for the Instyle's 9th annual Summer Soiree celebrated in Los Angeles. Marissa wore a peach-toned shirtdress paired with lovely satin peep-toe shoes along with golden Jewellery to add more glam to the look. Simple, hip, chic and trendy is all I need to say about this outfit. Such a look can be used when hanging out with friends, going on a romantic dinner or simply meeting your friends out in Cinema. This outfit is an all in on look. So, if you are a fan of simplicity and classic in clothes, check out Marissa's cool looks on BaniCeleb

The Simplest form of Angelina

Can you believe that a full time mom, actress and wife can look so good anywhere at anytime?? I barely can. But it's true. Angelina stuns us all with her new look. For the Salt premiere, Jolie shined in a creamy Pamella Roland dress, all matched with gorgeous satin salvatore Ferragamo shoes. I have to say, the dress is quite simple, Angie hasn't added any jewellery to go with the look, but yet, she looks fabulous! How does she do it?! I guess being a mom just pays off. Once again congrats on looking stuning as usual, Angie!

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