August 31, 2010

D&G - Get That Look!!
Here is a little present for all our BaniCeleb fans, one of the D&G collection simplified! Get the look for an affordable price, the boots, skirt, sunglasses, belt, jacket and a scarf. All can be bought for a gorgeous amount of 150$. Simply check out Topshop and New Look for more details!!

Sarah's look can be converted!

We All know Sarah's look has insired all the Sex and the City viewers over the past few years. What is more exciting is that all her high street and expensive clothes can be converted into cheaper clothes found around almost any shop. Take a look at the example on the right.
A simple creamy dress, topped with a floral clip and black leather shoes make the look almost irresistible to look at. The top may not be the same but you get the whole idea:)

Marc Jacobs F/W 2010/11

This year Marc Jacobs stuns us with a "back to the 70's" collection. And no, no Hippie style was seen on his runways, but more classic and elegant, of course. While Louis Vuitton's winter collection is based on 50's and 60's style, Marc Jacobs inspires us with trompe l'oeil bows, sequin-front/knit-back sweaters, sheer lingerie layers, clear plastic trenches, panne velvet dresses, a Prince of Wales check three-piece suit, echoes of his Japanese idols, sumptuous Mongolian lamb-collared shear-lings and vaguely seventies-ish knit dresses.It sounds and looks good. The seventies looks are slightly "upgraded" with gorgeous handbags and leather dolly shoes.

If you are looking forward to Fall/ Winter but can't afford the Marc Jacobs collection- don't worry, dresses like these can be found in almost every shop and dolly shoes , too. Add a fake fur around your neck and you are all set for the winter!!

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