August 31, 2010

D&G - Get That Look!!
Here is a little present for all our BaniCeleb fans, one of the D&G collection simplified! Get the look for an affordable price, the boots, skirt, sunglasses, belt, jacket and a scarf. All can be bought for a gorgeous amount of 150$. Simply check out Topshop and New Look for more details!!

Sarah's look can be converted!

We All know Sarah's look has insired all the Sex and the City viewers over the past few years. What is more exciting is that all her high street and expensive clothes can be converted into cheaper clothes found around almost any shop. Take a look at the example on the right.
A simple creamy dress, topped with a floral clip and black leather shoes make the look almost irresistible to look at. The top may not be the same but you get the whole idea:)

Marc Jacobs F/W 2010/11

This year Marc Jacobs stuns us with a "back to the 70's" collection. And no, no Hippie style was seen on his runways, but more classic and elegant, of course. While Louis Vuitton's winter collection is based on 50's and 60's style, Marc Jacobs inspires us with trompe l'oeil bows, sequin-front/knit-back sweaters, sheer lingerie layers, clear plastic trenches, panne velvet dresses, a Prince of Wales check three-piece suit, echoes of his Japanese idols, sumptuous Mongolian lamb-collared shear-lings and vaguely seventies-ish knit dresses.It sounds and looks good. The seventies looks are slightly "upgraded" with gorgeous handbags and leather dolly shoes.

If you are looking forward to Fall/ Winter but can't afford the Marc Jacobs collection- don't worry, dresses like these can be found in almost every shop and dolly shoes , too. Add a fake fur around your neck and you are all set for the winter!!

August 18, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Fab printed bags hit the Shops!

And how can you resist not having such a fab tote! Along with a make up case, Cambria Cove collection has hit the shops already and might be selling really fast! the tote and make-up case are sold together or simple at affordable prices! Hurry up, shops are closing at 7!

Up in the Air Hottie!

If you are travelling by plane soon, take a good advise from one of the celebrities here. Jessica Alba gives you a good advise on how and what to wear n a plane to look and feel comfortable. Alba traveled by plane in style, a rocking cargo pants with a studded twinset. The look was completed by her accessories from One of a Kind, and Yves Saint Laurent bag, Escada shades, and Gerard Darel beige sandals. Jessica looks fantastic and her flight must have been enjoyable. With such a look of hers anyone would enjoy any flight, even the long distance ones!

Marissa Miller and her look

Here is a quick look on Marissa Miller's latest outfit which she decided to wear for the Instyle's 9th annual Summer Soiree celebrated in Los Angeles. Marissa wore a peach-toned shirtdress paired with lovely satin peep-toe shoes along with golden Jewellery to add more glam to the look. Simple, hip, chic and trendy is all I need to say about this outfit. Such a look can be used when hanging out with friends, going on a romantic dinner or simply meeting your friends out in Cinema. This outfit is an all in on look. So, if you are a fan of simplicity and classic in clothes, check out Marissa's cool looks on BaniCeleb

The Simplest form of Angelina

Can you believe that a full time mom, actress and wife can look so good anywhere at anytime?? I barely can. But it's true. Angelina stuns us all with her new look. For the Salt premiere, Jolie shined in a creamy Pamella Roland dress, all matched with gorgeous satin salvatore Ferragamo shoes. I have to say, the dress is quite simple, Angie hasn't added any jewellery to go with the look, but yet, she looks fabulous! How does she do it?! I guess being a mom just pays off. Once again congrats on looking stuning as usual, Angie!

August 5, 2010

Latest Fashion News

3 Easy Steps to make you Glam every day!

1. Try these hot and high platform shoes with amazing colours! Wear them on any occasion, even on a date!
2. What makes you feel better on a boring and rainy day? A fab handbag! Chic, hip and stylish only for the brave!
3. If you think those shoes are hip, well then.. strike! Add some yellow bangles on your hand and your fab already!

Donna Karran Fall Ready to Wear 2010

Simply Classic and elegance lyes at the heart of Donna Karran's latest Ready-to- wear collection for 2010. The collection mainly focuses their fans on observing the colour Black and how it combines with other relative colours, such as grey and dark brown. The models wore a classic make up with a touch of red lipstick and a mascara only. Boots or peep-toe shoes were the priority on stage that made a huge impression too. So if you are looking for a gorgeous dress to wear on a special occasion or even on a romantic dinner, Donna Karran would be your first choice!

Katy Perry misses School!(?)

Not so long ago Katy Perry show herself as we never thought we would... Dressed as a cheerleader, this girl just got it all! Not to mention those fabulos golden pom pons:)

From the very frist look, Katy seems so Happy, so cheerful. she makes a perfect role as a cheerleader. But has she been missing the school lately? The new outfit is not so every day after ll, and her smile, from ear to ear.... Boy o boy:)

Anyway the costume worn by Perry as the host of the 2010 teen choice award. Great!

Fergie our Lady

Fergie has just launched her new fragrance called "Outspoken" in New Jersey. Well, I don't know how her fragrance smells like but I sure do know Fergier took the arty in a real classy way! Have a look at the photo, those strappy high heels all together with a a black skirt combined with a creamy material wrapped arounf Fergie's waist. Gorgeoous and simple. Fergie has done it again, she insired us just by looking at her.

August 3, 2010

latest Fashion News

Salone Del Mobile 2010- Bottega Vanneta and its style

With the arrival of spring shall arrive in Milan, even the latest edition of Salone International del Mobile, Who will take part among others the mark Bottega Veneta, Presenting a pop-up store with distinct items devoted to travel and Japanese-inspired. Take a look at the photo above and see for yourself!

Britney on the Streets

Looking very casual there, Britney. Seriously, I believe nothing is more comfortable than a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and comfy flip flops.
With high temperatures in Los Angeles it is sometimes good to not overdo your look. Looking as casual as Britney here just makes what to slide in one of those fab tops!!
And you can get the look with just a couple of bucks.

Kim with a huge Fashion Apetite!

Not so long ago Kim Kardashian wasn't famous for her style and the way she wears outfits. She wore casual clothes, which were pretty boring. But now it seems like the opposite. Kim has finally begin to look more feminine, and boy is she hot!! Miss Kim feels a hunger for more and more sexy outfits and starts biting Fashion trends, bite after bite. Thank God it doesn't have any calories...

The photo shows Kim Kardashian in a cowl neck white blouse, a lovely coral skirt all combined in a neutral match with a nude belt. Genius!