July 6, 2010

BaniCeleb News

Raphael Young and His Fantastic Shoe Collection

When I first saw those shoes, I had eyes bigger than two watermelons, that's how impressed I was. Yes, a lot, if you didn't get it. But what you can get is Raphael Young's new Collection on impressive shoes. From high heels with Swarovski crystals attached, down to heels looking like Ice-cream cones!! there are many other shoes that which Raphael imagined and made them "real". I wonder how would those high ice-cream cone heels look on my feet??

Raphael Young's New Collection 2010

"Blue-Silverishy" Katy Perry

Young singer, Katy Perry, has made a huge jaw-dropping impression just few days ago. As a guest judge on the X-Factor, the Celebrity surprised everybody by wearing a blue-silverish Jenny Packham sheath as well as violet pumps from Christian Louboutin
Katy Perry not only shows off her gorgeous legs, but looks quite happy and smiles a lot, as we can see on the photo...
Now, I wonder if it's the dress that makes her smile, or is it something Russell told her before the event:) Let's leave it for her to decide:)

Posh Getting Posher!

I don't know how she manages to stay up with Fashion at its best. For BaniCeleb, there is always something to talk when it comes to Victoria Beckham's outfits. Everyday there is something new, fabulous and, yes, even more posher!!
Victoria Beckham celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Range Rover Victoria decides to wear a dress from her collection and Brian Atwood pumps. Simply Gorgeous!!
Just look how perfect every single part of the outfit is. The dress makes a perfect harmony and gives a complete classy look. Nothing more is needed to be added her!

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