June 18, 2010

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D&G Fall/Winter Ready to Wear Collection

Don't worry, summer is not over yet, but we can, in fact, prepare ouselfs for the upcoming winter!! And D&G has something special to show us this winter. The Company again inspired us with its amazing design. The collection is all about gorgeous sweaters and Polar boots. D&G focuses mainly on colour red and I guess that is what makes all his outfits 'come to live'. Beautiful dreases, shoes and elegant handbags s what D&G was focused on. Oh, I just can't wait till winter comes!!


Actress Rachel Bilson inspires BaniCeleb!!

This young actress stepped in a floral top and a Zac Posen skirt while hosting the 'Take No Prisoners' release in Los Angeles.
the whole idea of wearing a floral skirt to this amazing skirt is just an example of what is hot this summer. And to glam the whole look up, Rachel completes her look with gorgeous Brian Atwood pumps. Rachel Bilson looks elegant, classy and hot!! Just take a look at the skirt's length- showing just enough of those sexy legs!

Rihanna's Pijama Time

First the style, now the hairstyle... I hardly catch up with all that is going on with Rihanna right now. But I know one thing- I love it. I love when celebrities change thier styles once a while, because then they are not so bored after all. Ha, but seriously, Rihanna' s latest Pijama pants have inspired us. Yes, inspired... You know.. they are not the best pants she wore, but the are certainly eye-catching. And that's what I love about her. Whatever they look like, Rihanna wants to feel comfortable and catch eyes of those photographers around her!!

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