June 27, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Cameron ready for New York City!!

Dont' you just love Cameron Diaz and her outfits? Specially her every day look.Anyway, here is a picture of our actress stepping in N.Y.C in white Elizabeth and James shorts, a soft blazer and a gorgeous tank. And her sandals are from Chloe collection.

Ahh, sometimes the simplest of the simplest outfits make the biggest impression. Cameron, as seen on the picture, didn't bother to glam with the make-up as her look is al about simplicity and natural look. Genius!!


Miley in Black Leather- Simply Hot!!

For the Music Awards Festival, Miley Cyrus shined in a tight leather dress with, well, covering not too much of her body- but hey, the dress looks fabulous, and those lace-up booties from Azzedine Alaia?? Simply gorgeous.

Even though I believe Miley has already made an opinion of herself as a cute, innocent little girl- sometimes being a bad girl and wearing those sexy hard rock dresses insn't that bad hmm??


June 18, 2010

Latest Fashion News

D&G Fall/Winter Ready to Wear Collection

Don't worry, summer is not over yet, but we can, in fact, prepare ouselfs for the upcoming winter!! And D&G has something special to show us this winter. The Company again inspired us with its amazing design. The collection is all about gorgeous sweaters and Polar boots. D&G focuses mainly on colour red and I guess that is what makes all his outfits 'come to live'. Beautiful dreases, shoes and elegant handbags s what D&G was focused on. Oh, I just can't wait till winter comes!!


Actress Rachel Bilson inspires BaniCeleb!!

This young actress stepped in a floral top and a Zac Posen skirt while hosting the 'Take No Prisoners' release in Los Angeles.
the whole idea of wearing a floral skirt to this amazing skirt is just an example of what is hot this summer. And to glam the whole look up, Rachel completes her look with gorgeous Brian Atwood pumps. Rachel Bilson looks elegant, classy and hot!! Just take a look at the skirt's length- showing just enough of those sexy legs!

Rihanna's Pijama Time

First the style, now the hairstyle... I hardly catch up with all that is going on with Rihanna right now. But I know one thing- I love it. I love when celebrities change thier styles once a while, because then they are not so bored after all. Ha, but seriously, Rihanna' s latest Pijama pants have inspired us. Yes, inspired... You know.. they are not the best pants she wore, but the are certainly eye-catching. And that's what I love about her. Whatever they look like, Rihanna wants to feel comfortable and catch eyes of those photographers around her!!

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YSL Launching New Fragrance- See what the Guests wore!!

Just last night (17-6-10) The well-known YSL company has launched its new Fragrance in New York. I have found some of the Celebrities who have attended this event, such as Maggie Gyllenhaa, Ashley Olsen and lots more. But here are some of the Guests so take a look at their hot outfits and see what are those celebs into now. Enjoy!

Melanie Thierry

For the Last Night Event, Melanie Thierry chose an elegant black strapless dress, matched up with gorgeous black high heels. The dress itself contains 'feathery' accessories, so Melanie did not need to worry about wearing any other accessories (necklaces, earrings etc.) to glam-up her look. I can also say that Melanie wanted to achieve a simplicity in her look. And it worked!!

Ashley Olsen

Even though many people are compairing Ashley's style to a''Homeless style'' (as described in Wikipedia), with her oversized dresses, sunglasses and sweaters, but I think there is a touch of feminism in each of her oufit. The above picture shows Ashley's look last night, as she stepped in a trenchcoat and a headscarf. Although still oversized, the high platform shoes has a lot show. Just take a look at the head scarf and its amazing design.
I love how Ashley concentrates on mainly one item, and once she wears it, the rest doesn't practically matter.

Alexa Chung

Uhm... I'm not quite what did Alexa Chung had in mind by wearing what she wore for the YSL event, but I guess this is the kind of feeling you are suppose to feel when you look at the outfit. For me one word comes to mind: Indifference. You know, as if she did not really care about how and what she wears. Wear did the idea of wearing a sporty shirt to black leather shorts come from?!? And the bow-tied heels?? And the skeleton on her handbag?
Come on, Alexa, if you like each item so badly, I suggest you should wear one at a time ??

OK, hopefully you enjoyed the pics guys. I will try to give new post once a while, but till then take care!!



please note: photos attached in my posts have not been taken by Baniceleb. All rest has been edited and creadted by BC editor. Any questions, please e-mail: BaniCelebNews@gmail.com

June 13, 2010

Latest Fashion News

What An Elegance!

Carrie Underwood performed at the CMT Music Awards in a beaded metallic top over faux leather pants from WTB and over-the-knee boots. I just love her 'bravery', when she steps out to the crowd her the style she loves and we want to have. Just look at the old woman behind Carrie. She probably does not like the way Carrie is Dressed. But it's not her opinion that matters to Miss Underwood it is Carrie's style that matters!! Nothing is too overdone in this look. And the outfit makes Carrie even more sexier! This look is the new elegance I should Add. Isn't it??

Thandie - New Name For Hot!!!

This gorgeous Star celebrated the new Solange Azagury- Patrige London Boutique. For this occasion she decided to wear Jewellery from the designer, an iridescent bustier dress and Georgina Goodman sandals . Thandie Newton knows how to shine, and I mean really shine!! Just look at her see see for yourself. She presents herself as a classy and elegant woman. And that is what we adore about her. Go Thandie!

June 5, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Carrie and her Famous Tutu!!

Now that the Sex and The City 2 has finally reached the cinemas, we can know memorize some of Carrie Bradshaw's famous outfits. Here is one, we saw the famed tutu in the first film when Carrie did a closet clean out with the help of her best friends before she moved in with Big. That girl has got it all!!

Well, I hope some of her outfits in Sex and the City 2 will be as adorable as this one.

Jessica Biel back in White!

Nothing more to add! The actress, Jessica Biel to be precised attended the L.A. premiere of The A-Team in Emilio Pucci dress, Vhernier jewels and Sergio Rossi heels.

Wearing this lace-detailed, goddess-inspired gown, Jessica Biel proved that it's possible to be modern, classic, and fearless all at once!