May 17, 2010

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Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2010 Handbags
The gorgeous new Louis Vuitton collection of handbags have a lot to offer. They have just hit the shopping trays, and they have been sold with an amazingly quick time. And no wonder. With those gorgeous feathers and beads attached everyone can lay an eye on them. It seems that Victoria Beckham has been inspired by this new collection, too. The Handbags have a fab colour each one is accesorized with many colourful beads and feathers. rtake a look at some of the handbags I have chosen for you to see!

Louis Vuitton 2010


I have chosen the best dresses of the Week, mentioning Gucci's Gorgeous Designes and Chopards Accessorize:) Enjoy!

1.Kate Beckinsale is a Diamond chick!!

This gorgeous chic is nothing else but pure beauty. Once Kate wears a gown, she knows how to work with it, and I mean it! Just look at the fabulous beaded bow and belt details on her Gucci Gown as she arrived for the Premiere of ''Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps". But not only the details of the dress makes you say ''wow'', but the fantastic creation and style of that gown. It ideal for her body type. Let's just hope her next red carpet entrance will be as good as this one!

2. Naomi Watts'- hot!!

Naomi Watts made an unforgettable arrival in Cannes, walking down the red carpet for the premiere of ''You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger'' in a gown that quite amazed all of us , I guess. Gucci's recently-unveiled Premiere collection and a platinum-and-heart-shaped-diamond bracelet from Chopard. Watts's pale pink dress featured an intricate ribbon detail and glittering square sequins. She perfectly knows how to make a perfect entrance every time!!

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