February 13, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Balmain Spring 2010 Collection

For Spring 2010, Decarnin brought out another whammy of a no-brainer blockbuster: disco cavewoman goes to the front. His army of sizzling, sleek-limbed supergirls strode out with huge-shouldered, metal-epauletted military tailcoats. Their T-shirts were tattered; bullet belts were slung around artfully "destroyed," stained, and holed jeans or, yet more sensationally, minute, hypersexed, raggedy suede and leather loincloths (the term "skirt" hardly covers it). Patching together seventies M*A*S*H and early Versace chain-mailed goddess-dressing, the show moved from camouflage to sequined camouflage to patchworked gold-sequined camouflage without a flicker of irony or the slightest fear of treading on politically sensitive ground

Maybe a little more from the top?? A Chanel handbag from the latest 2010 collection is now hip, trendy and lovely. Not to mention- Affordable for every woman!


I cannot uderstand how in hell she looks so gorgeous all the time! And Preppy plaid has never looked this fun! Jessica gives the menswear print a girly flair in a black and green checkered bubble Dress, completed with cobalt lace up boots for the London premiere of Valentine's Day.

Gorgeous Women Half-Dancing

Gorgeous and Beautiful! I'm talking about Christina Applegate and Reese Witherspoon who just brightened up the room at the 13th Annual Unforgettable Evening specially benefited for the Women's Cancer Research Fund. For such a special and important occassion,
Christina Applegate decided to shine in a Dolce & Gabbana gown, while Reese Witherspoon in Jason Wu sexy black dress.Unfortunately Christina has not been having as much fun as Reese did, when she decided to dance quite a time on stage. Christina addmitted that the dress was too fancy but not for dancing!! Well, you should have thought about it before you left your home, Christie:) I think she learned her lesson:)

Katie Holmes in Men's Shop!

This beautiful and quite busy mummy of Suri, Katie Holmes to be precised, had been seen wearing a long elegant coat ending just above her ankles. Nothing more than elegant mother that Katie is. And she is quite a wife as well! At that time she was seen at the men's shop, looking for men's accessor

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