February 7, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Acne Fall 2010 Collection

Love it, Love it and once again love it! Acne designer Jonny Johansson found inspiration for his fall 2010 collection. The outfits are concentrated on"The Clone Wars" cartoon look. Hours spent watching Star Wars videos and playing with character figurines had its impact on the Stockholm-based designer as seen in his current science-fiction-meets-utility collection. It took a lot of imagination and fantasy to create such beautiful warrior-looking outfits. Models (with metallic painted foreheads) wore sand-colored jumsuits, rugged leather jackets, and deconstructed patchwork coats along with oversized track pants and metallic bangles worn as ankle cuffs. It made them look like gorgeous Galactic warriors.


Rihanna was lately seen rehearsing for her upcoming showduring the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam concert series in Florida
The 21-year-old Bajan beauty was wearing a leather jacket with a grey oversized T-shirt underneath it, a Chanel cap and skinny green Jeans onstage, which seem to be a bit too tight for the singer. But besides that, she looks lovely. Some way boyish, but with a touch of Feminity.

Boring Eva Mendes

I have never mentioned Eva Mendes on my blog before, maybe it's because Eva has a very strict style and tries to put on a serious face in every outfit. She never experiences with new styles and she tries to be neutral and serious when wearing a chosen outfit. Take a look at the photo, for example. Miss Mendes had chosen to wear a Christian Lacroix floral dress and accessorized herself with a Bvlgari light-purple clutch. A quite boring outfit when you think of it. And to top it up, Mendes didn't think of wearing some diamond jewelry, (some earrings, for example) in order to just brighten up the look.
I'm here to give you all some tip of looking like a celebrity, but this is just pure disgrace. If you , however like the whole style, please do consider in changing something in it .wear some jewelry...for me?? :)

Ashley Olsen's smily new look!

I don't know about you but I can't remember when was the last time I have seen the Olsen Twins smiling. Not to mention Ashley. From her look we can obviously tell, that she is well and happy. And no wonder, with this outfit anyone could be smiling! Ashley was spotted outside the set of ABC's Good Morning America in N.Y.C wearing skinny jeans and an elegant navy Jacket, all together with a pair of black heel botties and a brown leather belt.
Ashley Olsen looks so naturally, so simple and yet so gorgeous. I've always like her pure classy and elegant style. Genius. :)

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