February 19, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Shoe Collection

Even though not with us anymore, but we will always going to remember the genius in Fashion World, Alexander McQueen. As outrageous as some of the towering platform foot encapsulations were, there were some equally fabulous footwear on display. This is one of his most fabulous designs from this collection. An Alien shoe type are jst amazing. Also, futuristic/utilitarian ankle boot were shown at the 2010 Catwalk. In the world of designer shoes, Alexander McQueen reigns supreme in his niche market of terribly chic, ultra glam, fashion forward consumers. I can't wait to find out if the more outrageous shoes (bottom pics) will make it to market or if there are merely props for the show.

Catwalk Weekly Peek

I decided to throw in a picture from 2010 New York Fashion Week. A Marc Jacobs 2010 spring handbag had been quite eye-catching while spotted on the catwalk. Golden-Grey colors is the new yes to the exsitsting era and Marc Jacobs knows that too.

Natural Scarlett Johansson

This chick is no match when it comes to breathtaking outfits. Scarlet Johansson was lately seen on the Late Show with David Letterman wearing a light-brown wrap dress, combined with matchingpeep-toe shoes.

Nothing more than a beauty queen she is. The dress highlights her beautiful body curves, from which she is mainly known from. For the late show, she has decided to look so natural, with barely no make up and no jewelry on her. So why not to look natural once a while.

Molly Sims is a Red Chick

Molly Sims showed up at the Michael Kors show at New York Fashion Week and she looked quite stunning I should say.

For this occassion Molly wore a Michael Kors red sexy dress, and wore Gold jewellery from her own Grace-line. Gold clutch just adds up another sparkling touch. The look perfectly matches any other type of occassions. So, whether you are going out to a restaurant, or simply hanging out with your best friends, wear a dress to shine always!!

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