February 27, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Oscar De la Renta Spring 2010

Now that the Recession is finally over, we can skip from heavy dark coats, into light colourful dresses and sandlas. But seriously, we do need to change a couple of things in our wardrobes.A vibrant teal safari suit updated with wide sleeves and cropped pants, a smart silk crepe dress with a draped neckline in pale melon, and a bronze linen twill trench with pushed-up sleeves stood out among white broderie anglaise and creamy tweeds. And as for those embroideries, one of the most interesting was a threadwork fitted sheath in white, hyacinth, and peridot.

Burberry Propsum S/S 2010

The new Burberry Propsum Spring/Summer 2010 has hit the shop racks with a stunning result. It looks like many women like the idea of having minimal plaids on their clutches along with tropic colours and amazing designs. Knots, studs and exotic looks was what Burberry had been focusing more likely.
I guess most women got tired of wearing heavy, black and tired looking handbags. No wonder. Once you see the New stylish Burberry collection, you yourself would want to change your old hadbag into something more alive!!

Nightie Night, Nicole

Nicole Richie had rocked and glammed and stunned and shocked and whatever else you can think of, in a lingerie look in a floor-length biascut slip dress of her own design. She looked so beautiful at the Parisian launch of her Winter Kate fashion line at Galeries Lafayette.

Miss Wonderland

I bet we all are looking forward to seing a brand new 3D Disney movie ''Alice in Wonderland''. Unfortunately I have to say, there are still few days left before the movie hits the cinemas. Luckily we could see the movie actors at the London Premiere of Alice in Wonderland Yesterday and I gott to say it, each one of the actors looked amazing! Anne Hathaway is an example. For the Premiere, she decided to wear a Vivienne Westwood dress all together with matching golden high heel shoes. Anne has beautiful body curves and that dress just shows it off in an elegant style and with a limit, of course.

Please note: Photos attached in my posts were not taken by me. All else has been created, designed, and written by me. If you wish to see more looks and fashion trends, Please e-mail: BaniCelebNews@gmail.com

February 24, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Naomi Watts a 'simple' Girl

So natural and yet so beautiful. I'm talking about Miss Naomi Watts, of course.

Naomi was lately seen at the Calvin Klein Collection runway show in New York and she looked quite stunning for the show. Nothing much in her look, as she looks so simple and 'normal'. But it does give this eye-catching look. For this occasion Naomi wore... a T-shirt dress. Yes. That's it. Nothing too posh. To feminize the look just a little bit, Watts completed her look with grey platfrorm shoes...

Look Of The Day

Today I want to show you nothing but simplicity in an outfit. Naomi Watts was first in line so here is the next beauty. I'm not quite sure what is the name of the model, but she walks for Fendi Company, all dressed up so simple and Natural. The New fendi Spring Summer 2010 Colletion is all about delicate colours, Natural look and simple outfits. So simple, that you would think you're not wearing anything! You can then accessorize yourself by wearing delicate pearls, of any jewelry you would actually want.

Accessorize It

Accessorize the look with a Prada Spring 2010 Handbag.

Bafta Beauty

For the BAFTA at the Royal Opera House in London Kate Winselt wanted to look stunning in a Stella McCartney Gown and Sandals, also from Stella McCartney. To accessorize herlself she wore Jewellery from Tiffany & Co.
She looks just as amazing as ever. She showed off her svelte shape in a peek-a-boo gown with lace insets.

Decorate yourself with a Golden Clutch tp look more stunning.

February 21, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Glam in Pink!

Even though Valentine's Day is way behind us, that gives no reason why we should stop looking romantic. A sweet pink dress, by Rebecca Taylor, can be your favourite daily outfit. The dress is affordable and stunning. And to top it up, Tapeet braided sandals truly match the dress. So jump in fashionably into summer and you will surely never want to stop looking good:)

Pink Penelope Cruz

She just doesn't know when to stop. Every time I check at the daily fashion News, Penelope just pops in as a hot chick of the day. And she deserves it. With this gorgeous L'Wren Scott gown and Casedei pumps anyone can look as amazing as she does. Penelope accessorized her look with a beautiful glittering clutc, long silver earrings and a matching bracelet. Genius in style she is! Penelope Cruz dressed up for the Paris premiere of ''Nine'' but I guess the dress can be even worn on other occassions, too. A simple night out also comforts you in such a dress.

Hot S/S Handbag

Marc Jacobs S/S Handbag Collection

February 19, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Shoe Collection

Even though not with us anymore, but we will always going to remember the genius in Fashion World, Alexander McQueen. As outrageous as some of the towering platform foot encapsulations were, there were some equally fabulous footwear on display. This is one of his most fabulous designs from this collection. An Alien shoe type are jst amazing. Also, futuristic/utilitarian ankle boot were shown at the 2010 Catwalk. In the world of designer shoes, Alexander McQueen reigns supreme in his niche market of terribly chic, ultra glam, fashion forward consumers. I can't wait to find out if the more outrageous shoes (bottom pics) will make it to market or if there are merely props for the show.

Catwalk Weekly Peek

I decided to throw in a picture from 2010 New York Fashion Week. A Marc Jacobs 2010 spring handbag had been quite eye-catching while spotted on the catwalk. Golden-Grey colors is the new yes to the exsitsting era and Marc Jacobs knows that too.

Natural Scarlett Johansson

This chick is no match when it comes to breathtaking outfits. Scarlet Johansson was lately seen on the Late Show with David Letterman wearing a light-brown wrap dress, combined with matchingpeep-toe shoes.

Nothing more than a beauty queen she is. The dress highlights her beautiful body curves, from which she is mainly known from. For the late show, she has decided to look so natural, with barely no make up and no jewelry on her. So why not to look natural once a while.

Molly Sims is a Red Chick

Molly Sims showed up at the Michael Kors show at New York Fashion Week and she looked quite stunning I should say.

For this occassion Molly wore a Michael Kors red sexy dress, and wore Gold jewellery from her own Grace-line. Gold clutch just adds up another sparkling touch. The look perfectly matches any other type of occassions. So, whether you are going out to a restaurant, or simply hanging out with your best friends, wear a dress to shine always!!

February 13, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Balmain Spring 2010 Collection

For Spring 2010, Decarnin brought out another whammy of a no-brainer blockbuster: disco cavewoman goes to the front. His army of sizzling, sleek-limbed supergirls strode out with huge-shouldered, metal-epauletted military tailcoats. Their T-shirts were tattered; bullet belts were slung around artfully "destroyed," stained, and holed jeans or, yet more sensationally, minute, hypersexed, raggedy suede and leather loincloths (the term "skirt" hardly covers it). Patching together seventies M*A*S*H and early Versace chain-mailed goddess-dressing, the show moved from camouflage to sequined camouflage to patchworked gold-sequined camouflage without a flicker of irony or the slightest fear of treading on politically sensitive ground

Maybe a little more from the top?? A Chanel handbag from the latest 2010 collection is now hip, trendy and lovely. Not to mention- Affordable for every woman!


I cannot uderstand how in hell she looks so gorgeous all the time! And Preppy plaid has never looked this fun! Jessica gives the menswear print a girly flair in a black and green checkered bubble Dress, completed with cobalt lace up boots for the London premiere of Valentine's Day.

Gorgeous Women Half-Dancing

Gorgeous and Beautiful! I'm talking about Christina Applegate and Reese Witherspoon who just brightened up the room at the 13th Annual Unforgettable Evening specially benefited for the Women's Cancer Research Fund. For such a special and important occassion,
Christina Applegate decided to shine in a Dolce & Gabbana gown, while Reese Witherspoon in Jason Wu sexy black dress.Unfortunately Christina has not been having as much fun as Reese did, when she decided to dance quite a time on stage. Christina addmitted that the dress was too fancy but not for dancing!! Well, you should have thought about it before you left your home, Christie:) I think she learned her lesson:)

Katie Holmes in Men's Shop!

This beautiful and quite busy mummy of Suri, Katie Holmes to be precised, had been seen wearing a long elegant coat ending just above her ankles. Nothing more than elegant mother that Katie is. And she is quite a wife as well! At that time she was seen at the men's shop, looking for men's accessor

February 7, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Acne Fall 2010 Collection

Love it, Love it and once again love it! Acne designer Jonny Johansson found inspiration for his fall 2010 collection. The outfits are concentrated on"The Clone Wars" cartoon look. Hours spent watching Star Wars videos and playing with character figurines had its impact on the Stockholm-based designer as seen in his current science-fiction-meets-utility collection. It took a lot of imagination and fantasy to create such beautiful warrior-looking outfits. Models (with metallic painted foreheads) wore sand-colored jumsuits, rugged leather jackets, and deconstructed patchwork coats along with oversized track pants and metallic bangles worn as ankle cuffs. It made them look like gorgeous Galactic warriors.


Rihanna was lately seen rehearsing for her upcoming showduring the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam concert series in Florida
The 21-year-old Bajan beauty was wearing a leather jacket with a grey oversized T-shirt underneath it, a Chanel cap and skinny green Jeans onstage, which seem to be a bit too tight for the singer. But besides that, she looks lovely. Some way boyish, but with a touch of Feminity.

Boring Eva Mendes

I have never mentioned Eva Mendes on my blog before, maybe it's because Eva has a very strict style and tries to put on a serious face in every outfit. She never experiences with new styles and she tries to be neutral and serious when wearing a chosen outfit. Take a look at the photo, for example. Miss Mendes had chosen to wear a Christian Lacroix floral dress and accessorized herself with a Bvlgari light-purple clutch. A quite boring outfit when you think of it. And to top it up, Mendes didn't think of wearing some diamond jewelry, (some earrings, for example) in order to just brighten up the look.
I'm here to give you all some tip of looking like a celebrity, but this is just pure disgrace. If you , however like the whole style, please do consider in changing something in it .wear some jewelry...for me?? :)

Ashley Olsen's smily new look!

I don't know about you but I can't remember when was the last time I have seen the Olsen Twins smiling. Not to mention Ashley. From her look we can obviously tell, that she is well and happy. And no wonder, with this outfit anyone could be smiling! Ashley was spotted outside the set of ABC's Good Morning America in N.Y.C wearing skinny jeans and an elegant navy Jacket, all together with a pair of black heel botties and a brown leather belt.
Ashley Olsen looks so naturally, so simple and yet so gorgeous. I've always like her pure classy and elegant style. Genius. :)