January 5, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Fendi Spring 2010 Handbags

The new Fendi Handbags of Spring/ Summer 2010 is the 'Skin' bag, as because each leather satchel comes with a fabric covering, or skin, that can come off. The Fendi Peek a Boo is back, and this time with a beautiful tapestry exterior that is sure to be one of their most expensive bags of the season. As to the wood-framed clutches, well, they were just beautiful. The Firenze bag in supple leather is absolutely gorgeous, and completes the beautiful collection.Of course, many types of handbags were availabe from your favorite ones to your least favorite.But you sure will love them!!

Leona Lewis- Hot or Just Not?

Leona Lewis was lately spotted in Las Vegas New Year's Eve Party at the bank nightclub wearing a quite fabulous dress.

She picked up a flirty bubble dress with a rosette-bedecked lace bodice. The dress was suppose to look sexy, but on Leona Lewis' body... it just didn't. For me she looks a bit cute, not romantic. She's like a big girl in a little girl's dress. The Bubble dress makes her bottom look even bigger and her breasts look like they are squashedand couldn't fit into the dress. The flowery belt is just the touch up to the terrible look. Maybe she wanted to 20 years look younger? Who knows? And what do you think?

Gwen Stefani in a Hot Outfit

Gorgeous Gwen Stefani was spotted celebrating New Year's Eve in St. Barts and she looked quite amazing . For this party Miss Stefani was wearing Stefani paired LNA latex leggings with a halter all together with the Louboutin pumps.

Now, that's what I call ''acting your age!''. Unlike Miss Lewis above, Gwen looks sexy and gorgeous at the same time. Maybe you should consider some Fashion lessons form Stefani hmm??

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