January 27, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Fendi Spring 2010 Handbag Collection

Fendi offered up many different styles for their Spring/Summer handbag collection with two opposing themes, vintage and futuristic. Simply eyecatching and breathtaking handbags. Most of them have lingerie influenced fabric to cover many of the bags, and most of them are focused on leather material with in bright and pastry colors. The wood handled bags had an unusual feature of a snap on fabric cover, in various materials from linen with a flower-embroidered edge to needlepoint. Some of these wooden handled bags featured a strip of transparent Perspex, adding a futuristic element that looks awkward on an otherwise vintage style bag.


Scarlett Johansson Old ( ? )

Okay, we get it... Fashion now focuses on the flowery and sweet look. But what the hell is this?!?! It looks like Scarlet Johansson tries to look her best.... But the dress she wore just made her look 20 years...older. Yap, from a fine young woman whe turned into a non-curvy fat old grumpy woman. Just look at the dress. The length, the color. The dress is just made for older women. Older, for Grandmothers. why would you wear such a horrible thing, Scarlet?

Anyway, here you go. Scarlet in a floral Dolce and Gabbana dress

Anne Hathaway in Georgio Armani dress

This gorgeous Lady was lately seen at the Giorgio Armani Prive haute couture show in Paris wearing a stunning Giorgio Armani dress matched with a silver sparkling clutch and silver louboutins. Anne Hathaway has not worn any jewelery for this occasion, as the dress she wore already gives enough glam. By adding some earings she could possibly just ruin the whole idea of the dress being the main Theme!!

Just look at the way she looks- nothing but simplicity can be described to her look. And, of course the glam:)

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