January 3, 2010

Latest Fashion News

Kate Spade Spring 2010 Collection

Kate Spade is one of the trendiest young designers with incredible clothing style. She is best known for her line of handbags, but her clothes do deserve a round of applause. The 2010 Collection is againg breathtaking. Kate Spade concentated her clothes on warm colors and delicate and cute look. Knee-length dresses were available with Polka Dot designes and even plain ones. In her collection you will also find great accessories — multicolored, oversize woven leather bags, faceted-gem clutches, charming colorful bauble necklaces as well as bright flats and high heels in color blocks and with adornments. Take a look!

Celebrities Love Rolan Mouret !

Celebrities such as Demi Moore, Heidi Klum, model Devon Aoki, and a host of other Roland Mouret fans joined the designer at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles last week to celebrate the launch of his Rainbow Collection.

Each Girl was partying in Roland Mouret's dress, and one of them as beautiful as ever. Those eye-catching colors like rose, turquoise, mango, magenta, and tangerine were present at the Celebration.

Kate Winslet has the Most Desired Celebrity Body

Yes, that's right. Not Victoria Beckham, not even Jessica Alba's body has the hottest celebrity body of the year! It is Kate Winslet and her gorgeous women curves. And thank Lord to that! Finally a gorgeous woman won with beautiful curves. I was getting pretty sick of knowing that another super underweight Woman has won. According to the Daily Mail, the curvy actress tops the list for the best body in Hollywood. Two thousand women were polled in the UK and asked which celebrity they’d most like to switch bodies with. And we’re pleasantly surprised by the majority vote! Kate won it and I'm happy for her:)
The second plase took Kelly Brook and Halle Berry came in at third.
I guess being gorgeous means being a beautiful woman. Tell us your opinion if you wanted other celebrites to win the best celebrity body.

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