January 2, 2010

Latest Fashion News

John Galliano Spring 2010 Collection

John Galliano made quit an impression while introducing his latest Spring 2010 Collection. Models were wearing a Dramatic make-up as they walked between balloons. The Clothes were just amazing, both romantic and classy too. The chiffon gowns and costume jewels such as pearls writhing around wrists, brooches, and flowers pinned to Jackets or feathers and lace were breathtaking, almost each model presented a gorgeous Hat to each outfit, some of them fluffy, some made of feathers. Also Long jackets, Long skirts were included. Here are some of the pics of John Galliano's spring /summer 2010 Collection. Enjoy!

The Most Stylish Women Announced

It is it! The most stylish women of the year were announced today by Vogue.com and many women were waiting for them to be released! Of Course, many women were expected to be on the list, mainly Emma Watson or Leighton Meester,all of them thought they could reach the Number One on the List. But I guess they did not have what it takes:)
So here we go! The Most stylish Women of the Year is.... 1. Alexa Chung! Yeah, I know! I don't know who she is either! I'm joking. Alexa Chung is a TV Presenter.She’s known best for her now-canceled program on MTV, called It’s On With Alexa Chung. the next winners are
2. Audrey Tautou, 3. Sarah Jessica Parker 4. Cheryl Cole 5. Dannii Minogue and number 6 is 6. Emma Watson

1. Alexa Chung and 2. Audrey Tautou

3. Sarah Jessica Parker and 4. Cheryl Cole

5. Dannii Minogue and 6. Emma Watson

Jennifer Lopez- HOT Or NOT??
Jennifer Lopez
has made quite an entrance last Friday at the Times Square for New Year's Eve .
For the Big special Day, JLo showed up in a Skintight bejeweled Bodysuit, that may have perhaps be too... Modern for her??
The Bodusuit had shown her body curves, indeed, which could be quite impressing, but when a 40-year-old Woman wears such a tight outfit.. Well, it actually hurts human eyes. Common, JLo, You have plenty of othe outfits in which you look good in, so get on and change and act your Age!! :)

Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie

Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie teamed up to host a bash at Las Vegas hot spot Lavo nightclub inside the Venetian Hotel. Both Celebrities are looking as amazing as ever.
Christina, wearing a sexy black dress and Nicole a shiny Golden turtle Neck dress. Two different Ideas for New Year's Eve. Nicole Richie, however, looks more mature and has a small touch of make-up, whereas Miss Aguilera just polished herself all the way up. And so, whether you like a hot Golden Turtle neck dress, or more hot sexy black mini skirt, here is a great celebrity example!

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