December 5, 2009

Latest Fashion News

Funky Some Shoes?

Are you tired of wearing the same type of shoes over and over again? Is your life crazy and adventurous and you wish your clothes will tell the same thing?? Well, lucky for you, because the new collection by Pierre Hardy has just created some quite funky shoes for You! like a pair of these paillette-bedecked sandals. The abundance of colorful metallic disks is what makes the shoe being more over-the-top. No matter where you're heading to, these shoes always combine to the situation you're in. So, whether you're working in the office, or you're simply shopping, you'll always feel and look gorgeous !!


Lady Gaga's Most Gaga Outfits 

The VMA Tour de Force
Lady Gaga does not do off-the-rack fashion. The singer changed six times over the course of the MTV Video Music Awards and each outfit demonstrated her mastery of the mix. She added an Alex Noble lace headpiece to a chiffon-topped white dress for the after-party (left), a Jean Paul Geultier sculpted one-piece (along with Viktor & Rolf boots) backstage (right) and wore a sheer Alexander McQueen number with a Haus of Gaga crown to pick up one of her three awards (center).

Lady Gaga


Jennifer Aniston's Trendy Look
  Few days ago Jennifer Aniston was spotted at the Heathrow Airport in London in a black Burberry leather jacket, gray cardigan and Degaine jeans with a bag from Ferregamo. And so the outfit would not look too dark, Jennifer brightened it up with a simple with T-shirt underneath. A Simple One!

Our Lovely Actress has such a simple look that anyone could copy her style and look just like Jen.Don't forget to put on some sunglasses and a necklace to look extra- Jenny :)


Glam like Penelope Cruz

If, however, you are looking for something less funky but more glamorous, take a look at Penelope's latest beautiful gown. This Beauty was seen in a Ralph Lauren Collection chambray georgette gown and lizard clutch worn with Chopard jewelry at The London premiere of Nine.

Penelope Cruz stood out in a monochromatic look: a gown in multiple shades of blue paired with a clutch in a slightly darker hue. Get a similar effect by wearing a slate-blue cocktail dress with a cerulean clutch.


Kristen Stewart's Jeans

Kristen Stewart does not make it easy to bite her style. Her E.C. Star hoodie is off the market, her Pacific Express sneaks are vintage, her Opaline Ray-Bans are Ebay only, and let's not even discuss the logistics of scoring. From the way she dressed up herself... I don't think anyone would ever notice her as the Girl from 'Twilight' movie.
I'm sorry Kristen, but this look ... there's not much to say.

Still.... The purple skinny Jeans are cool:)

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