December 19, 2009

Latest Fashion News

Versace Spring/Summer 2010 Shoe Collection

The Versace Spring/Summer 2010 shoe collection is all about bright colors and hip style. Donatello Versace said this collection was inspired by Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (which comes out next March). "I loved the idea of that fantasy land," she said. The inspiration took the shape of mixing vivid pastels, geometric prints, and baroque curlicues. The platforms and sky high heels are back for spring, but DV's are different. It's hard to see in the pictures, but there is space between the bottom of the shoe and the sole, making a very interesting profile.

Versace 2010 Collection

Charlize Theron Designs TOMS Shoes for Charity

It looks like Charlize Theron has a great heart when it comes to poor unfortunate children. So to support them, Charlize joined the TOMS company to create her own shoes. The TOMS Shoes is a company known for its charitable work. For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. Charlize designed her own signature slip-on sneakers made for men and women embellished with an image of an African baobab tree, will benefit the star’s non-profit, the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, dedicated to improving the education, health and social development of high schoolers in South Africa. 10,000 pairs will also be given to impoverished children living in remote communities in her home country. Isn't it just sweet ??

Here is a pair of shoes designed by the gorgeous Charlize:)

Paris Hilton Expands her new Hair Product

Paris Hilton's latest venture involves two revolutionary styling tools: ''The Celebrity Styler'' and the ''Ultimate Brush''. The Ultimate Brush’s spherical design adds volume, eliminates tangles and makes blow-drying your hair straight quicker.Both products are affordable.

Well I do so much with my hair line, we have extensions, we have all my hair products and I thought the styler and brush would be the perfect tools for my hair and anybody’s hair,” Paris said .The Celebrity Styler, features a rotating heated ceramic cylinder that doubles as a straightening and curling iron. Huh, Paris sure has developed some amazing tools into the Beauty and Fashion World.:)

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