December 23, 2009

Latest Fashion News

Alexander Mcqueen Spring 2010 Shoe Collection

Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 collection has given us a totally new way to look at the shoes. In fact, I would have never thought that someone could make alien-like legs work out so wonderful as women's shoes. The fantasy heels on the 2010 runway looked like they were out of this world. They were super high, skeletor-like and featured interestingly curved booties designed for the the animalistic and bold. Huh, I just remembered that the monsters from the movie called ''Never ending Story'' had also the same type of ''shoes'' on them. Huh, I womder if Alexander had just copied the look from those giant monsters:)

Alexander McQueen 2010 Collection

Alexander McQueen 2010 Collection

Alexander McQueen 2010 Collection

Get the Look!- Beyonce Spotted

Could you look both cute and sexy, but not wearing any mini skirts or party dresses?? Well, I can tell you one thing- You can and it's not hard to do so. Take a look at Beyonce, for example. The Girl has just done it again. Not only She's a Diva on Stage, but also during shopping or even wondering around town.

Beyonce basically focused herself on a Green color. that's true. The first thing that pops would be the Green hat and Green Shoes. It is a perfect look to use when meeting friends at the Mall, hanging out in the park or just simply going out for a walk. Nothing too posh about this look, but is gives a little sparkle of everyday trendiness:)

Britney Spears Spotted!

The Singer, Britney Spears, was spotted 2 days ago at the International Airport. Miss Spears was wearing a very unusual pair of geek-spectacles, along with a gorgeous pea coat and suede boots.

The look is a bit odd, as you can't really understand the whole Idea of combining those clothes together.. I mean... A pink Top underneath a Pea coat, green suede boots and a white-light green scarf. Nothing matches. No wonder she has put on geek spectacles....

But anyway, here is a geeky looking style:)

Hilary Duff's Amazing Look!!

Looks like Hilary Duff is in a good mood and feels great. And no wonder. With her over- sized off-the-shoulder sweater and this large leather handbag there is no need to cry! The big sweater looks gorgeous on her, and I think she found a great colour that work out perfectly for her.

Again, it is a simple look to copy. You may try it if you have plans on going shopping, hanging out with friends or even chillin' out at home:) Genius!!

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