December 15, 2009

Latest Fashion News

Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2010 Collection

''You have to make a woman fall in love with your clothes." These are the words of the brilliant Designer, Oscar De La Renta. And he's right. Many of the looks were accessorized with scarves or little sweaters wrapped around the models' necks. The multicolor patchwork carried into evening; he showed a long narrow skirt with a ruffled silk chiffon blouse and a can't-miss-it necklace. Also, de la Renta whipped up a black silk faille gown with plenty of drama on the left shoulder that looked special in a lower key. Whether you'd love t or hate it, here are some of the looks I picked up for You.

Oscar de la Renta 2010 Collection

Oscar de la Renta2010 Collection

Louis Vuitton 2010 Handbag Collection

The Louis Vuitton handbag 2010 collection is very exciting. Some of the bags were covered with tassels, some of the bags were actually duffel bags, some of the bags had huge foxtail tassels, and some were plastic trash bag designs. The entire show left many viewers confused, because there wasn't a central theme or style of the collections. Everything from the shoes to the clothes was all over the place and overdone.

Louis Vuitton 2010 Handbag Collection

Look of The Day- Jennifer Lopez in Striped Sundress!!

Jennifer Lopez was last spotted at the Orange Carpet before the Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots football game. JLo was wearing a striped sundress.
Jen is wearing an A.L.C. navy & white striped maxi dress, the same one Rihanna wore back in August.

It actually looks very good on her. The length is perfect and with the addition of big sunglasses, she gave herself a pish-posh look!! And you don't have to spend too much cash on this look as because any striped sundress will be fine. As long you have a nice tan and big sunglasses to wear, you'll be a Diva Queen in no time:)

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