December 14, 2009

Latest Fashion News

Prada Spring 2010 Collection- Love it or Hate it??

Believe it or not but these photos I'm just showing you are the latest Prada Collection. That's right. These are Prada. It looks like Miuccia Prada was inspired by ''stripper club look''. Not only they look cheap, but with those chandelier attachments make the shoes look even worse. It's almost as if she tried to make them ugly and cheap looking to pass it off as art . I have never been a big fan of Prada shoes, but this collection takes it to a whole new level. M. Prada's reputation as one of fashion's great intellectuals surely doesn't rest on her shoe designs.

Prada Spring 2010 Collection

Italian Designer dumped Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has become one of the most popular pop stars known, not only for her songs, but crazy style and that bow made of hair. Most of the Designers would like to work with her. I could actually say every designer wishes abou this. Everyone except Antonio Berardi. This Italian designer has worked with many celebrities, more precisely Megan Fox, Eva Mendes, Gwyneth Patrol, Amber Medes and many more. Italian designer Antonio Berardi. According to Sawf News, Lady Gaga approached Berardi to collaborate with her. But it turns out, that he’s not interested in making Gaga a client. He said, "I was approached to design a clothing range with Lady GaGa but I backed away because I wasn't interested in someone whose music is meaningless.” “Her music is meaningless now so what impact will it have in 20 years?"
And even though Gaga is on top music charts almost all the time, it has still has not convinced him to work with her. He might be regreting his decision, but I guess he is right at some point. Lady Gaga's music is a one-day hit, it's not possible that her music will be remembered in even 2 years time.


Keira Knightley Wants To Pose Nude
Keira Knightley is planning on posing nude soon, but unlike celebrities her age, Keira says she's doing it in the name of art. Of course, every celebrity women is doing it for the work of art. Let's ask if any of them would know what art is.
I mean come on! She probably has everything she wants. Shoes, Jewellery, Clothes, Houses. But it is still not enough. She wants to show herself naked. Few years ago she would never thought of posing naked. Have some dignity, woman. Anyway, these are the latest news ...

Taylor Launter Named the Next Spokesmodel for Armani

Have you seen Taylor Launter in Twilight movie not wearing his shirt on?? Armani has a gift for all girls wanting to see once again the wolf man without his shirt on!According to reports, Taylor Launter has been named the next spokesmodel for Armani Exchange. In Touch reports that he’s already negotiated a multi-million dollar contract to advertise clothes and the brand’s fragrance, but Armani bosses are holding off on announcing the partnership until Taylor turns 18 in February. The source says, “Giorgio has offered Taylor a deal rumored to be worth millions for the ads. Taylor is flattered and really considering it.” Lautner’s rep is denying the news, but if we were them, we’d keep it a secret too!

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