December 13, 2009

Latest fashion News

Donna Karan's Pre-Fall 2010 Collection

The 2010 Collection by Donna Karan is all about bold color, like olive, plum and blue. You can dress up in pegged, elasticized skirts, or dress down one of her slinky jersey gowns. Also smart and versatile was the double-knit bustier and silk jersey floor-grazing skirt combo she proposed for evening. In this collection you will be able to find army jackets and trenches alongside relaxed T-shirt dresses and trapeze chemises. The vibrant color palette should ensure that it stands out in the stores. O my God, this truly is a boring collection. I'm bored just thinking of it. But, it's just for those who like Donna Karran so here you go, some of the pics I choose to show you.

Red Carpet Chick: Zoe Saldana

The Avatar movie has just arrived to the cinemas, and this beautiful women, more precisely Zoe Saldana plays a blue-skinned warrior Neytiri that hails from the planet Na'vi. She looks nothing on this picture like in the movie, maybe it's because of her Gorgeous Roland Mauret Gown that she wore at the film's Leicester Square Premiere. she looks absolutely stunning, I don't know why would James Cameron picture her in a blue skin:)

Celebrity Spotted- Eva Longoria Parker

This Stunning actress was last seen leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles in a satiny black blazer, peep-toes shoes and Valentino Tote and boot-cut jeans. Eva Longoria Parker had also accessorized herself with a long pearl necklace and pearl earrings.

Eva dressed up very casual, I actually would not guess that she left a restaurant. But I guess not always should a woman look sexy and romantic when going out to a restaurant. Am I Right? :)

Victoria Beckham's Favourite Bag??

She probably could have all the bags in the world if she'd want to, but it seems only one particular bag has sparkled her. A purple Hermes Kelly bag has inspired Victoria Beckham. Vicky was seen with it a couple of times. And couple of times means much to a celebrity like Victoria Beckham.

For while most women have only a few bags at their disposal the former Posh Spice has a collection of hundreds, and is rarely seen using the same one twice
. Well, I guess everyone can have their favourite one, no matter how many you've got!!

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