December 2, 2009

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The New Stone Age

A Big Send-Off for Louis Vuitton's First Fine Jewellery Collection

Imagine Jewellery made entirely of Luxury, Beauty and Elegance. Jewellery, that always attracts human eyes and speaks for itself. And Now, Speaking of Louis Vuitton Jewellery Collection, what will come up into your mind? Would it be the same words? Of course it would. All the LV jewelleries are symbols of luxury and beauty goods. All the jewelries from LV are the sign of typical Paris' style, which joins the romance into them. This fashion-house has been recognized all over the world with luxurious fashion design. The Louis Vuitton jewellery is not only designed with high quality, but also continuously goes after special innovation.So, if you desire the beauty and breathtaking charm of Louis Vuitton jewellery please visit BaniCeleb as we always have the latest news about fashion.

Louis Vuitton Collection

Louis Vuitton Jewellery Collection

Louis Vuitton

Look Elegant and Sexy in Sportswear!

Sporty style appeared when a person decided to

develop his strength and physical abilities.Now this style is fashionable all year round and attracts more and more new fans.

Sporty style is always simple and provides lots of comfort. It includes both warm and light clothing: warm ergonomic jackets, windbreakers, pants, breeches, shorts, overalls, vests, even skirts.

Such clothing is characteristic for being loose, elastic, water-resistant, etc. Sporty garments keep warmth better than other dressing because they are made to be worn outdoors in any season and weather. Sporty clothes no longer look baggy; they are often elegant and sexy.

Lacoste is a Perfect example in Showing the Elegance, Sex-appeal and Beauty in Sportswear.

Jennifer Aniston and Cheryl Cole- More Precisely, the Classic Shirt and the Mini Skirt

On one hand we have Jennifer Aniston, also known as the l American girl who has for years been famed for her natural beauty and dignity both on and off screen.

On the other hand we have Cheryl Cole, the Geordie lass who’s gone from a chummy teen to a lovely beauty queen before our very eyes.

Both stars recently stepped out in archetypal work chic with tailored open shirts and fitted mini skirts; a classic look that, if perfected, can convey the ultimate look of elegance.

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