December 1, 2009

Latest Fashion News

Victoria's Secret Runway Fashion Show 2009

The Victoria's Secret fashion show doesn't offer up anything radically different year to year - gorgeous women in frilly lingerie that never actually hits the sales floor, which makes it pretty much like every other runway show. With all that being said, it's always exciting to dream big, dream sexy, and hope that someday someone will magically put a pair of sky-high stilettos and angel wings on you for your stomp down the runway. The official show airs December 3rd

The 2009 Victoria's Secret show was yet another extravagant affair, with ladies made entirely out of sex-appeal and glitter strutting their perfect patooties down the catwalk to the dulcet tones of Usher.

Taylor Swift's Red Carpet Tips For Tall Women

Because Taylor is very slender you would never have guessed that she's 5′ 11″ , where an average height for a women in U.S barely reaches 5'4'' !! Therefore, Taylor uses some style secrets to avoid looking overly tall and BaniCeleb is proud to introduce them to you :)

1. Check the length of your dress. - Wear a dress that hits just above the knee of highway up your thigh, avoid cuts that sit at the top of your thigh which will make you look less gigantic.

2. Don’t be afraid to wear heels! - Believe it or not, but our Taylor went through a phase where she was afraid to wear heels because they made her too tall, but in the end it’s about how you carry yourself. Stick to a 3″ heel and you'll be fine.

3. Walk like you’re on a runway - throw your shoulders back and keep your back straight at all times. Tall girls sometimes have poor posture, you must own being tall and love being tall!!

Victoria Beckham Autumn/ Winter 2009/2010 collection

Even After the huge success of her dress collection last year, Victoria Beckham is back at New York Fashion week with her Autumn/ Winter 2009/2010 collection. Once again every piece in the collection looks like something we could imagine Victoria Beckham wearing. In fact, she designes clothes the way she would like to see herself in.

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