December 17, 2009

Christian Dior 2009 Dresses
The great thing about Christian Dior clothing is that they are by a well-known designer, but they are not necessarily very expensive. Dior has become well known for his ability to create clothing that is very edgy as well as very elegant, so that there is something for everyone. Christian Dior dresses can be seen on the bodies of women walking down the sidewalks of your average city as well as on the bodies of women walking down the red carpet for Hollywood events. Most designer clothing is not this diverse, but with Dior clothes you'll find that they can fit into just about every lifestyle. So take a moment of your time and enjoy some of the pics I wan to show you!

Christian Dior.

Gwen Stefani in Lamb Jenner Booties

Gwen Stefani was seen at the Sherlock Holmes Premiere in London wearing L.A.M.B. Jenner booties with a black minidress with long sleeves.

Our Singer Gwen, well, either it's a crazy look or sexy, any style suits her. There is always some crazy attachments to her outfit. She could actually go with normal black high heels, but we know Gwen too well and therefore we know that by wearing black heels to her outfit she wore at the Sherlock Holmes Premiere, well... it would be just too normal.

So if you think that wearing shoes that match your dress and clutch, take a look at Miss Stefani, and think twice. As for all, it is not only about how you wear it, but also how you want it to be worn... or something like that:)

Rihanna's look

Now would you look at this! Rihanna has gone Bottom-Crazy! These are some pants lately worn by our singer Rihanna while leaving a hotel in Paris.

I absolutely love how she matched those shoes with her pants and a sexy top.

At first when I looked at her Jeans I thought '' wow, that girl really likes to experiment with clothes, ain't she a wild girl'' , but when I looked at Rihanna's sad face, I actually do not know why had she worn them. Those Jeans are crazy, fun, but with her everyday sad mood, it's hard to believe she wanted to wear them. Cheep up finally, Rihanna!!

Fashion boss who hired Lindsay Lohan for label resigns

Thew Fashion Boss who hired Lindsay Lohan to advertise his label has resigned. Chief Executive Mounir Moufarige said that the departure of Moufarige has nothing to do with Lohan and that he wanted to devote more time to the watch and jewllery collection industry. I wonder if it is true about what he just said. Hm, what do you think Ladies??

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