December 8, 2009

Dolce & Gabbana 2010 Spring Collection

The new collection of Dolce & Gabbana for Spring 2010 looks a bit interesting. Even if some are a bit dark and look sad, but I guess these are the colors and looks that people want to jump into after winter. Imagine the Spring 2010. What do you think of? Flowers Blossoming, Sun is shining, the world is so colourful and amazing. You've been waiting whole winter to jump into your short dresses. You think of buying a gorgeous dress from D&G. But instead of wonderful colors, you get dark and cold outfits on the hangers. Just like winter a month ago. Of Course, not all the looks from D&G 2010 collection are cold. The above picture shows other looks. Still, I personally think they are too black. Too depressing. But, this is just my opinion, its actually your opinion that matters. Here is a quick peek on some of the dark outfits of the Spring 2010 collection.

Look of The Day: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was spotted last night at the Art Basel Miami Event in this gorgeous white dress with towering platforms and a minaudiere.

The actress looks just amazing . She did right with putting her hair up, as because the dress is very simple, only the neckline decorates the whole look and so it has to be noticed.
Why did this dress become the look of the day? Well, JLo did winter white right in a mini dress with long sleeves. Christmas in this dress looks more white and beautiful! And, lets not forget sexy and trendy:)

You can also try adding tights to the same or similar look for extra warmth.

Marc Jacobs Silk Sequin Ruffled Skirt

Well, isn't it beautiful? Marc Jacob's latest fall ready-to-wear was an exuberant nod to the '80s and this skirt, with its flouncy, zigzagging ruffles and bright, colorful details

It is easy to wear with any color of your shirt ( as long as you have matching shoes to it). It actually goes with lots of things, so there.

Pedro Garcia Feather Ballet Shoes

Pedro Garcia Feather Ballet Flat These Pedro GarcĂ­a flats are exquisitely amazing for many reasons. For starters, the iridescent green pheasant feathers covering each shoe are individually placed by hand—believe it. And there's the chic grosgrain bow and pearl-topped pin, inspired "by the elegance of 1950s hats," according to the designer.

Comfort is not an excuse for frumpiness, however. Give your feet a break from high heels, but still look amazing in flat shoes. And if you think that flat shoes are dull and have no glam, buy ones that have Jewelry on them!

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