December 31, 2009

Latest Fashion News

Giorgio Armani Spring 2010 Collection

Giorgio Armani looked in future and explored the world of ‘plastic fantastic’ in his younger, Emporio Armani collection at Milan Fashion Week. Armani exploded colors like fireworks on graphic PVC catwalk, sending a clear signal that he is back once again, working at full creative power after battling with hepatitis over summer.
Armani kept everything above the knee, adding panels of multicolor sequins to the bodices of fuchsia and royal blue taffeta numbers and beading every square centimeter of others. That should please the party set tremendously. They'll simply trade in the flat sandals the models wore on the runway for spiked heels.


Lady GaGa and Her Latest Style

To make Christmas more brilliant and exciting Lady GaGa has clearly decided to mark the occasion by dressing up as an actual Christmas decoration. Either that, or she came off worse in a fight with a giant disco ball. Lady GaGa and her mental wardrobe is just one of the things we've enjoyed about the year 2009, and we hope she gets even madder in 2010. This jacket is hilarious! Have you got something sparkly lined up to wear at your Christmas party? Ours kicks off at 1pm today! Look out London!


Mariah Carey

The glamorous singer, Mariah Carey looked amazing at the 2009 Capri Hollywood International Film Festival in Italy to accept the award for the Best Supporting Actress. She was inspired by the 70s look as se wore a long shiny dress with shoulder fur around her neck.

Any type of long black dress would do, if you wish to look like Mariah.

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December 29, 2009

Latest Fashion News

Valentino 2010 Shoe Collection

I think the Valentino shoe collection, designed by London-based milliner Philip Treacy, is extremely elegant and fanciful. The shoes are full of bright and sensitive colours. The beautiful footwear had lace wings arcing upward from the heels, and in some cases, from the front of the shoe. I prefer the ones with lace on the ankle or the all lace pumps. The sandals with the ball of lace up front was a bit distracting and took away from the beauty of the design.
I think the collection was a huge success and will give the Valentino brand a new relevance in the designer shoeempire.

Valentino 2010 Collection

Valentino 2010 Collection

Valentino 2010 Collection

Valentino 2010 Collection

Katy Perry's Gorgeous Marchesa Gown

Yap, Katy Perry has done her best to appear in 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards which took place not so long long ago. This 25-year-old beauty was seen donning a stunning Marchesa gown, a nude one shoulder draped tulle strapless dress with embroidered ebony flowers

For me, Katy Perry always knew how to look both elegant and sexy at the same time. She just know when to stop to not look too posh. And this is a good value. So good for you Perry!

Cheryl Cole and her Super Big Bow!

Cheryl Cole was spotted wearing a gorgeous dress and .... that's right, a black Bow.

Looks like Cheryl had just hit the jackpot when it comes to those Bows. The latest fashion trends is all about them. The new accessory trend is great for updating a simple LBD or even last years party frock for New Years Eve.

The Gorgeous X- Factor judge looks just adorable in this Minnie Mouse Bow. They are also available in almost every shop. So don't miss out the latest cute fashion trend and get yourself one of those babies:)

December 28, 2009

Latest Fashion News

Calvin Klein Spring 2010 Collection

The spring 2010 Calvin Klein collection is youthful and sensuous. The models were almost makeup-free, wearing ponytails without accessories. The Collection is made of the simplest outfitsl, no fake stuff. It is almost like Francisco Costa replaced the sharp angles and dark colors of his Fall lineup with soft, organic shapes and light-reflecting neutrals. The collection’s sheer elements combat the daily uniform if you will, elevating pieces as simple as the dress shirt to a new refined level that requires thought before integration. Beside the fact that models are skinnier than ever, I'd say it's worth a shot and buying such a lovely dress.

Calvin Klein Spring 2010 Collection

Ashley Olsen and Her Favorite Bag

Ashley Olsen was spotted a couple of times wearing a Crocodile Fendi Bag. We could say it's her favorite, as because out of her million handbags, she actually wore this one few times. No wonder, with those Maverick shades and the black blazer, Fendi Handbag gives the final touch to her dramatic look.

But she should consider to add some colors to her style. Some of the looks are just too depressing. Come on, Ashley, you got nothing to worry about! Or maybe too much money is a thing that depresses her....:)

Look of The Day- Freida Pinto

Gorgeous Freida Pinto was spotted some time ago at the Orange British Academy Film Awards wearing a fab Mermaid Gown by Oscar De La Renta.

This sleeveless gown has perfectly suits her body type. Freida has beautiful shoulders, and she's got nice curves. And, of Course, the smile. Nothing brightens up your look like a gorgeous smile:) .

December 23, 2009

Latest Fashion News

Alexander Mcqueen Spring 2010 Shoe Collection

Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 collection has given us a totally new way to look at the shoes. In fact, I would have never thought that someone could make alien-like legs work out so wonderful as women's shoes. The fantasy heels on the 2010 runway looked like they were out of this world. They were super high, skeletor-like and featured interestingly curved booties designed for the the animalistic and bold. Huh, I just remembered that the monsters from the movie called ''Never ending Story'' had also the same type of ''shoes'' on them. Huh, I womder if Alexander had just copied the look from those giant monsters:)

Alexander McQueen 2010 Collection

Alexander McQueen 2010 Collection

Alexander McQueen 2010 Collection

Get the Look!- Beyonce Spotted

Could you look both cute and sexy, but not wearing any mini skirts or party dresses?? Well, I can tell you one thing- You can and it's not hard to do so. Take a look at Beyonce, for example. The Girl has just done it again. Not only She's a Diva on Stage, but also during shopping or even wondering around town.

Beyonce basically focused herself on a Green color. that's true. The first thing that pops would be the Green hat and Green Shoes. It is a perfect look to use when meeting friends at the Mall, hanging out in the park or just simply going out for a walk. Nothing too posh about this look, but is gives a little sparkle of everyday trendiness:)

Britney Spears Spotted!

The Singer, Britney Spears, was spotted 2 days ago at the International Airport. Miss Spears was wearing a very unusual pair of geek-spectacles, along with a gorgeous pea coat and suede boots.

The look is a bit odd, as you can't really understand the whole Idea of combining those clothes together.. I mean... A pink Top underneath a Pea coat, green suede boots and a white-light green scarf. Nothing matches. No wonder she has put on geek spectacles....

But anyway, here is a geeky looking style:)

Hilary Duff's Amazing Look!!

Looks like Hilary Duff is in a good mood and feels great. And no wonder. With her over- sized off-the-shoulder sweater and this large leather handbag there is no need to cry! The big sweater looks gorgeous on her, and I think she found a great colour that work out perfectly for her.

Again, it is a simple look to copy. You may try it if you have plans on going shopping, hanging out with friends or even chillin' out at home:) Genius!!

December 22, 2009

Latest Fashion News

Ralph Lauren Spr
ing 2010 Collection

It looks like Ralph Lauren was inspired by the character of the worker, the farmer, the cowboy, the pioneer women of the prairies. It is almost like Ralph was hit by the latest recession, as in his latest collection he tries to show that you can still look good with less classy outfits. So in place of the polo fields or any of his other tony stomping grounds, Lauren took us back to the dust bowl for Spring. The collection contained torn oversize jeans with blue work shirts, patchwork overalls, nightshirts in mattress-ticking stripes, or sweet calico print dresses with white ankle socks and oxfords with heels.

Ralph Lauren

Red Carpet Chick- Penelope Cruz

Penélope Cruz is the stellar leading ladies in Rob Marshall’s Nine, which also stars Judi Dench, Marion Cotillard, Nicole Kidman, and Kate Hudson.
For the New York Premiere, Penelope had shined in a Vintage Chanel Goddess Gown accessorized with Gorgeous Diamond Chandelier earring from Chopard. She also had a black clutch that adds nothing but more glam to her look.

To look like Penelope, all you would need is a Goddess-type Gown, black Clutch and not necessarily Diamond, but shiny earrings.

Suri Cruise most Fashionable Celebrity Child

If you think children have no idea on Fashion, well take a closer look at the Celebrity Children. For example, Suri Cruise is a Pish-Posh when it comes to style and looking good. Suri was named the world’s most fashionable celebrity child in a poll of 3,000 parents.
Suri (who is rarely out of mini high heels these days) possesses an extensive designer wardrobe boasting designs by Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Roger Vivier, plus a specially made Roberto Cavalli dress which was a gift from her fashion fairy godmother Victoria Beckham.
Victoria Bechkam however, had no need to become jealous, as all three of her sons were on the top ten with the youngest son Cruz taking the no. 2 spot.
Other Celebrity Children in the top 10 include Lourdes, tomboy Shiloh Pitt and, firmly beating both their parents in the style stakes, Junior and Princess Andre.
Suri is almost a celebrity in her own right thanks to her cute looks and her amazing wardrobe. She has outfits that rival A-list celebs and this gets her more column inches than many movie stars.”

December 20, 2009

latest Fashion News

Coccinelle 2009/2010 Handbag Collection

The Coccinelle 2009/2010 Handbag Collection is very simple with neutral colors which allow you to wear the handbag daily to any occasion or type of work that you have.
The designer's main theme of those handbags is to create classic, neutral and not-too-stylish handbags. As many other designers seek a new look in their handbags, and therefore creating a whole new era in Art, Coccinelle Company wants to show the simplicity and elegance in a classy handbag. However, when you walk into a store, the Coccinelle bag will not be first noticed by you, as because our human eyes concentrate first on what is more sparkling or bright around us, but if you are looking for a classy handbag, you should go and get yourself one of these babies. occinelle Collection of handbags look appropriate in full sence of this word. Besides, the company promises high quality that is very important in our tough times.

Coccinelle 2009/2010 Handbag Collection

Coccinelle 2009/2010 Handbag Collection

Lindsay Lohan's 2010 Leggins Collection

Lindsay Lohan loves the high street legging style, so she decided to design her own Legging Collection for the following year 2010.

The 6126 Spring 2010 leggings Collection is mainly featured on dark colours and styles in buttery soft fabrics, classic high waisted looks all exuding sexy confidence. The line also debuts revealing hot shorts and capri length leggings in lace, leather and denim. As some source say, Lindsay Lohan was inspired by Marilyn Monroe for some reason.

Vanessa Hudgens Hippie Cool Look!

Vanessa Hadgens was spotted few days ago in Los Angeles wearing J Brand Bell Bottom Jeans. Not only she gave herself a hippie look, but it totally works out for her! The big top with one sleeveless shoulder, huge sunglasses and the gorgeous hair. She matched her bag with her hair colour, shoes with the Top and... well, the J Brand Jeans were just to finish up the 70's Look:) So why not try it?

December 19, 2009

Latest Fashion News

Versace Spring/Summer 2010 Shoe Collection

The Versace Spring/Summer 2010 shoe collection is all about bright colors and hip style. Donatello Versace said this collection was inspired by Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (which comes out next March). "I loved the idea of that fantasy land," she said. The inspiration took the shape of mixing vivid pastels, geometric prints, and baroque curlicues. The platforms and sky high heels are back for spring, but DV's are different. It's hard to see in the pictures, but there is space between the bottom of the shoe and the sole, making a very interesting profile.

Versace 2010 Collection

Charlize Theron Designs TOMS Shoes for Charity

It looks like Charlize Theron has a great heart when it comes to poor unfortunate children. So to support them, Charlize joined the TOMS company to create her own shoes. The TOMS Shoes is a company known for its charitable work. For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. Charlize designed her own signature slip-on sneakers made for men and women embellished with an image of an African baobab tree, will benefit the star’s non-profit, the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, dedicated to improving the education, health and social development of high schoolers in South Africa. 10,000 pairs will also be given to impoverished children living in remote communities in her home country. Isn't it just sweet ??

Here is a pair of shoes designed by the gorgeous Charlize:)

Paris Hilton Expands her new Hair Product

Paris Hilton's latest venture involves two revolutionary styling tools: ''The Celebrity Styler'' and the ''Ultimate Brush''. The Ultimate Brush’s spherical design adds volume, eliminates tangles and makes blow-drying your hair straight quicker.Both products are affordable.

Well I do so much with my hair line, we have extensions, we have all my hair products and I thought the styler and brush would be the perfect tools for my hair and anybody’s hair,” Paris said .The Celebrity Styler, features a rotating heated ceramic cylinder that doubles as a straightening and curling iron. Huh, Paris sure has developed some amazing tools into the Beauty and Fashion World.:)