August 16, 2012

Latest Fashion News

Hey everybody! 
So today I want to talk about what will be going on this winter. I know, summer hasn't ended yet, but your favorite fashion design labels have been working all summer for you to prepare for the cold days.

Marc Jacobs is a highly reputable fashion designer, his collections inspire many people around the world. This fashion label is known to always amaze its fans by their amazingly put together fabrics and colors.

This winter Marc Jacobs got inspired by heavy and furry hats and jackets. Models paraded on the catwalk wearing these over-sized hats and fur jackets with huge buttons. I would describe this collection as an over-sized, renaissance style.

However, most women love glam, so Marc Jacobs designed these renaissance shoes with sparkling diamond squares in front. I call the "Mozart Shoes" as because these type of shoe design was worn back in the 1600's. They seem very comfy, however, I prefer high heels :)

There were many prints and patterns. Zebra print hats, cotton sweaters and skirts and much more. Marc Jacobs designed clothing to keep each woman warm and glamorous this winter. 

I truly love how many fabrics and prints were chosen to create one beautiful collection. I hope you too got cozy while looking at those beautiful hats and warm scarves :)

May 25, 2012

Let Me Speak Fashion - Now on Facebook

Hey Ladies and Gents,

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Before I begin my next post, I want to share some great news. After years of published post here on Blogger I have decided to focus my attention on a Facebook Fan Page. 
Since I have never had one before, I am really excited about it. It will differ from BaniCeleb in few ways, for example, I will concentrate more on Fashion Trends rather than what the celebrities wore. 

I think most people would like a bit of change from all the fashion magazines they read. 
I will update my page every once in a while, add new photos of the latest trends, plus gather some very motivating fashion quotes. 

Let me Speak Fashion - Now on Facebook

May 8, 2012

Latest Fashion News

Cinco De Mayo Style

While browsing through the internet, I spotted this lovely, actually the word "lovely" is just not enough to express this style. Take a look at the photo and see for yourself :

I am just so in love with this Spanish style outfit. Long, tight diva-dress certainly compliments every girl's body curves, while the white shirt keeps her stylish and simple. Sexy and Elegant, that's what I would call it. 
the sombrero I must add, is a perfect idea. It's like the model tries to keep up with fashion, yet still manages to keep the Spanish tradition going.  5 out of  5 for the style!


Mary-Kate Olsen's Outfit:
A lot of people have been discussing Mary-Kate's 2011 Met Gala outfit. For some, she looks trashy and far from feminine, while others compliment the dress. What is your opinion?

I just have a one thing to say. As I mentioned earlier Today at StyleMint's Facebook page, Mary-Kate is amazing when picking out outfits for her. She is well-known for her style and looks. I'll repeat it- this is Mary-Kate Olsen and this is her style. She loves over-sized dresses and tops, she not only feels confident about her body, but wants to prove, that skin tight dresses are not the only option. 
You have celebrities with mini dresses and long fake lashes and nails. And you have Mary-Kate Olsen.